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National Book Festival

National Book Festival Information

Phone: (888) 714-4696
E-mail: [email protected]

Author Information

Potential participating authors, illustrators and poets must be nominated by their respective publishers. Preferred candidates are usually popular, nationally known authors, illustrators and poets who have won book awards at the national level. They also should have published a significant book recently. More than 300 qualified authors, illustrators and poets are nominated each year to participate and about 100 individuals are selected to present.

The author nomination process for each year is December 1-Feburary 28. You may submit nominations for the festival via e-mail to [email protected] Please do not submit nominations between March 1 and November 30.

Sponsorship Information

The Library of Congress seeks sponsors for the National Book Festival. The National Book Festival does not feature exhibitors or commercial activities.

Phone: (202) 707-2777
E-mail: [email protected]

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