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Bob Staake is a nationally acclaimed illustrator and children’s book author. With an extensive list of publications and design clientele such as Time, McDonald’s, Vanity Fair, Nickelodeon, American Express and countless others, he is known as one of the nation’s most successful illustrators, able to charm nearly any audience with his wide variety of work. Staake has designed many memorable covers for The New Yorker; his cover commemorating Barack Obama’s election was ranked by Time as No. 1 in its list of 10 top Magazine Covers of 2008. He has written or illustrated, or both, more than 60 books, including “The Donut Chef,” “Bluebird,” “Bugs Galore,” “Pets Go Pop” and “The Red Lemon,” which won The New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Book Award. His latest work, “My Pet Book” (Random House), follows the story of a boy and the unusual pet of his dreams—not a cat or dog, but a trusty book. Staake’s crisp illustrations, signature style and extraordinary knack for design made him the ideal choice to create this year’s poster and art for the National Book Festival.

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Bob Staake