BeCites Plus provides information from traditional printed staff-produced bibliographies converted to electronic form on the Web along with the catalog records for the titles included in such bibliographies. Enhancements to these data are in the form of links both from the catalog records represented in the bibliographies as well as from the entries in the bibliographies to the scanned tables of contents, indexes, and back-of-the-book bibliographies of publications cited.

A secondary BeCites Plus focus begun in 2002 has been to use the techniques of scanning and optical character recognition to reproduce the full text of heavily used but out-of- print or unpublished guides. These guides to Library collections are prepared by LC staff and contain individual items not easily identified in LC's catalog. The project provides links from the catalog record for the guides to the full text of the guide.

Additional information regarding BECites+ is available on the BEAT web page and at the project page at

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