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The Kikkoman chronicles : a global company with a Japanese soul / Ronald E. Yates.
Preface v
Introduction ix
Acknowledgments xvii
1. Completing the Circle 1
2. From Osaka Castle to the Big Foot Prairie: A Brief History of Kikkoman 13
3. A Global Company with a Japanese Soul 35
4. There's No Business Like Shoyu Business: A Concise Soy Sauce Primer 47
5. Diversify or Die: Kikkoman's Strategies for Success 65
6. The Road to Walworth: Kikkoman's Big Gamble on the Big Foot Prairie 83 83
7. A Soy Sauce Plant Grows in the Land of Cheese 99
8. A Culture of Selective Risk: The Enduring Secret of Kikkoman's Success 125
9. High-Tech Fireflies and a Trailblazing Orange 151
10. Soy Sauce Meets Cyberspace: Big Changes on the Road to the Twenty-first Century 165
11. Conclusion 191
Index 197

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