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This form will submit a request for a query to be run against a file of pre-publication records from the Library of Congress database. Publishers who use this form will need to input one request for each ISBN stem to be checked. Separate requests will need to be submitted for ISBN-10 vs. ISBN-13 if any books were published from 2005 on with only ISBN-10. The ISBN stem should start with 978 for ISBN-13 or 0 for ISBN-10, and should not contain any dashes. Also, a valid email address must be provided so that the results can be sent.

When the process finishes the query, you will receive a tab-delimited file with certain data elements extracted from the catalog record. You can then import these into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and view the results. More information on this is contained in the email response to the query.

This form should not be used to search a few ISBNs. To search a few ISBNs, please go to the Library of Congress Online Catalog at and do an ISBN search. The data in this file are updated monthly, usually on the first of the month. Items processed since the last update are not reflected in the results.

Input the required data below and click on the "Submit" button. When you receive a response depends on other queries being run. If no others are being run, a response should come within an hour.

For problems with this query reporting system, please contact David Williamson at [email protected]

ISBN stem (no hyphens):
Email address to send results to:
Optional: If there is a problem in the process,
please provide contact info. if you wish to be contacted

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