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Volume 1, no. 1, ISSN 1066-8829, January 1993

Editor's Note
Cataloging in Publication Program Survey Results to be Discussed at ALA Midwinter
National Coordinated Cataloging Program (NCCP)
ISBD Concise
New Serial Titles Downsizing
Electronic Dewey
New Products From CDS

Editor's Note

Welcome to LC Cataloging Newsline. This issue inaugurates the Cataloging Directorate's electronic newsletter. It is being issued to take advantage of the timeliness available through electronic transmission. The newsletter will be compiled at least quarterly (January, April, July, and October). Additional issues may be created to transmit information of immediate interest or for which the directorate is seeking immediate opinions or feedback. LC Cataloging Newsline will contain generally brief statements related to activities of the Library of Congress in the area of cataloging that may be of interest or concern to the library community, such as new or revised policy decisions (actual or developing), technological developments that may affect the community, new publications, meetings, reports, and/or exhibits at ALA conferences, and employment opportunities in cataloging. Full statements on such matters as new or revised policy decisions will continue to be distributed through established publications as Cataloging Service Bulletin, Library Of Congress Rule Interpretations, and the various parts of the Subject Cataloging Manual. Posting this newsletter to Autocat is a temporary measure until such time as the Library of Congress can bring up its own Listserv. When this happens, notices will be posted on appropriate lists to announce availability.

Robert M. Hiatt
Cataloging Policy and Support Office

Results of the Cataloging in Publication Program Survey to be Discussed at ALA Midwinter

Librarian satisfaction with the Cataloging in Publication (CIP) program is generally high. The more titles included in the program the better. MARC tape recipients want CIP data in advance of a book's publication, and the more in advance the better. Publishers can live with a ten working day turn around time to obtain the CIP data, but the faster the better.

These were some of the findings from a survey of uses of CIP data by publishers, libraries, and MARC tape subscribers done by the Library of Congress, confirming the CIP program's central role in the bibliographic control of monographs published in the United States. The survey was designed to assess the program after its first 20 years and to identify possible future directions for CIP. Separate surveys were sent to MARC tape subscribers, libraries of all types, and publishers in late 1991. This major study of the CIP program was funded by the Council on Library Resources, and the surveys were designed by SKP Associates of New York and Myers Consulting Services of Adelphi, Maryland.

SKP will report on the results of the survey at the American Library Association Midwinter Conference in Denver at the CIP Advisory Group Meeting which will be held on Sunday, January 24, from 4:30-6:30 p.m. in the Hotel Denver, Gold Lynx Room.

National Coordinated Cataloging Program (NCCP)

Some seven years since the seminal meetings were convened to initiate planning and four years since the program was actually launched, NCCP is at a crossroads that will eventually determine the program's fate within the larger arena of cooperative cataloging. At the end of LC's fiscal year, September 30, 1992, the Library called a temporary hiatus in NCCP activity. This decision was precipitated by several factors, but primarily the high telecommunications costs. To discuss the hiatus situation and options for the future, LC hosted a meeting in November held in conjunction with the CONSER Policy Committee meeting and attended by representatives from the NCCP institutions. The group drafted a mission statement and goals, and identified a group of volunteers from among the participants who will meet in Denver immediately prior to ALA Midwinter to continue planning the future direction of the project. An update will be provided at the NACO Participants Discussion Group meeting, noted above.


The LC NACO meeting held at the ALA Annual Conference in San Francisco featured a discussion of alternative models and policies related to national cooperative name authority files. As a follow-up to that meeting, LC hosted a day-long seminar on July 13 attended by invited guests from the research library community which focused on 1) procedure and policy changes that will improve cooperative authority programs; 2) the technical underpinnings of the programs which would encourage contributions; and 3) governance issues related to cooperative programs. The LC Cooperative Cataloging Discussion Group (formerly the LC NACO Discussion Group) to be held at Midwinter on Sunday, January 24 at 7:00, will include announcements regarding the steps the Library has already taken to effect improvements in the NACO project, and a continued discussion of the more general topic concerning the future of cooperative cataloging facilitated by Carol Mandel of Columbia University.

ISBD Concise

The draft of "Concise Guidelines for Bibliographic Description of Monographs" is now available for world-wide review. Prepared by the IFLA Section on Cataloguing Working Group, the document is based on the ISBD(M): International Standard Bibliographic Description For Monographic Publications and is intended to make the ISBD(M) stipulations more accessible to smaller libraries by reducing the number of separate instructions within each area of bibliographic description, by simplifying the wording of the instructions, and by relegating to appendices unusual cataloging situations (e.g., data elements appearing in multiple languages).

Copies of the draft are available from: Marie-France Plassard, Programme Officer, IFLA UBCIM Programme, c/o Deutsche Bibliothek, Zeppelinallee 4-8, D-6000 Frankfurt am Main, Germany (fax: 49-69-7566-476).

New Serial Titles Downsizing

Because of changing priorities and budget constraints at the Library of Congress, the editorial staff of New Serial Titles will be reassigned to work on reducing the Library's arrearage. This will mean that beginning early in 1993 NUC location symbols of non-CONSER reporting libraries will no longer be printed in NST.

The publication will continue to be distributed by the Cataloging Distribution Service. It will contain all of the serials cataloging of the Library of Congress and other CONSER Program participants. It will also continue to include pre-publication records created by the National Serials Data Program staff and reports of new microform masters or serials reported to the Library of Congress.

Electronic Dewey

OCLC Forest Press, publisher of the Dewey Decimal Classification, will unveil its newest product, Electronic Dewey, at the ALA Midwinter Conference in Denver. This CD-ROM version of DDC 20 , with its interactive electronic format, affords users quick and efficient searches of the DDC and provides classifiers new ways to access DDC numbers. Electronic Dewey includes one compact disc, software, and documentation (user guide, setup guide, quick reference guide, set of exercises). Equipment requirements: IBM PC 386sx computer or compatible (with 640K RAM and a hard disk) and a CD-ROM drive. It is priced at $400, including postage and handling, and is available from OCLC Forest Press, 6565 Frantz Road, Dublin, Ohio 43017-3395. Updated replacement discs will be issued (price to be determined later).

New Products From CDS

Cataloging Concepts: Descriptive Cataloging

This is a new training tool designed for use in a classroom setting for in-house training of technical services staff and other staff members who need familiarity with standard bibliographic records. Trainees will learn to interpret and use current (AACR 2) catalog records, define the purpose and scope of descriptive cataloging, define the standard terms used in processing activities, identify tools used for descriptive cataloging of books and non-book materials, identify MARC tags, etc. Includes instructor and trainee manual. Prices: 1 instructor's manual and 1 trainee's manual: $145 (North America), $155 (outside North America); trainee manual only: $47 (North America), $51 outside North America); special discounts: 10-99 copies, 10% off single order; 100-199 copies: 20% off single order; 200 and more copies: 25% off single order.

CDMARC Serials

CDMARC Serials contains approximately 600,000 serial records, including contributions from the U.S. Newspaper Program. It features 16 search and 14 browse indexes. Users can view citations in five display formats. Records can be saved in DOS format for word processing or by exporting them in full USMARC communications format for use in an automated database.

A reference manual, quick reference guide, keyboard template, binder, and installation and retrieval software are included. The 1992 subscription is $330 (North America) or $360 (outside North America). Subscriptions may be placed with Cataloging Distribution Service/Dept. AE, Customer Services Section, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. 20541-5017; telephone: 1-800-255-3666 (toll-free, U.S. only) or (202) 707-6100; FAX: (202) 707-1334.

MARC Diagnostic Service

This service is designed to meet the needs of library system vendors and other users of the MARC format who request LC to evaluate their adherence to standard USMARC. The service offers two evaluation options: 1) the vendor sends LC's Cataloging Distribution Service (CDS) a representative sample file of its USMARC records on magnetic tape or floppy diskette for evaluation or 2) CDS sends the vendor a representative file of LC USMARC records, which are then processed through a vendors's system and returned to CDS for evaluation. For both options, CDS returns a summary report based on a structural edit report, a diagnostic print of each record, and a statistical tabulation analyzed by the Library of Congress's Network Development and MARC Standards Office. Please note that LC cannot guarantee that a vendor's entire database contains 100% full USMARC records nor that a vendor's software is fully MARC compatible under all conditions. This service analyzes the representative sample of records a vendor submits to LC.

If you won't be at ALA Midwinter and want complete details, availability, and prices of either of the above products, contact Library of Congress, Cataloging Distribution Service, Customer Services Section, Dept. AY, Washington, DC 20541-5017; Telephone: 1-800-255-3666 (toll-free in U.S.) or (202) 707-6100; Fax: (202) 707-1334.

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