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Volume 1, no. 4, ISSN 1066-8829, April 1993

CONSER Operations Committee
New Serial Titles
CONSER Cataloging Manual
Fiction Cataloging
Online Library of Congress Classification
Network Planning Papers Nos. 22 & 23


Cataloging Policy and Support Office

The current acting chief of the Cataloging Policy and Support Office is Glen A. Zimmerman whose regular position is director for technical processing research. He will serve as acting chief until such time as the position is filled.

Dewey Decimal Classification Editor

On April 12 Joan Mitchell, until April 1 chair of the Decimal Classification Editorial Policy Committee (EPC), became editor of the Dewey Decimal Classification. OCLC Forest Press, to which the position is now administratively attached, announced the appointment in a letter to the EPC on March 2. Ms. Mitchell comes to the position from Carnegie Mellon University, where she has served most recently as director of educational technology.

Special Materials Cataloging Division

Gloria Hsia, currently chief of the Enhanced Cataloging Division, will become chief of the Special Materials Cataloging Division. She will assume her new duties upon her return from China at the end of May.

CONSER Operations Committee to Meet at LC

The CONSER (Cooperative Online Serials) Program's Operations Committee will hold its annual meeting at the Library of Congress May 6-7, 1993. Committee members are responsible for identifying, reviewing, and documenting cataloging decisions and operational procedures. This year's meeting will focus on the status and impact of format integration on serials and the CONSER Editing Guide and the cataloging of CD-ROM and electronic serials. The activities of two CONSER task forces will also be discussed. The Core Elements Task Force is working to identify the elements that are essential to CONSER records with a view to rethinking basic serial record requirements. The Task Force on Maintenance of CONSER Records is exploring the possibilities of opening up CONSER records to other OCLC participants for updating. There will also be updates on the CONSER Cataloging Manual and the cataloging of microform reproductions.

New Serial Titles

Because of changing priorities and budget constraints at the Library of Congress, the staff of New Serial Titles will soon be reassigned to other areas within Collections Services to work on reducing the Library's arrearage. The Library, therefore, is asking that you discontinue sending reports of your serial holdings, with the exception of microform masters, to New Serial Titles.

The publication of New Serial Titles will continue for the time being in paper format and you will be contacted by the Cataloging Distribution Service regarding subscriptions. The publication will contain all the serials cataloging of the Library of Congress and the CONSER Program participants. It will also continue to include the records for prepublication titles and microform masters as in the past few years. The Library anticipates using the current staff, who remain in Serial Record Division, to continue work on microform masters as part of their new duties.

The Library wants to take this opportunity to thank you for your many contributions to the success of New Serial Titles and your support over the past 40 years.

CONSER Cataloging Manual

The CONSER Cataloging Manual (CCM) is about to go to press! Part I, Original Cataloging, will be available in June from the Cataloging Distribution Service. Part II, Adapting Records, and Part III, Special Problems and Types of Serials, will be issued later. Part I contains 18 modules, each dealing with an aspect of serials cataloging--e.g., title statement, designations, linking relationships, changes that require a new record, related works. In addition, Module 18, Name Headings, focuses on the formation of corporate body name headings. One of the primary features of the CCM is the illustrations containing scanned images of serials that have been integrated with the text. In addition, there are many charts, diagrams, and tables that enable catalogers to "see" the information in a variety of ways.

Parts II and III will be issued in individual modules as updates to the base text. Update 1, to be available late 1993 or early 1994, will contain a module from Part II, Understanding and Interpreting Pre-AACR 2 Serial Records, and a module from Part III that will cover the cataloging of CD-ROMs and other types of computer files. A separate module will be issued later covering electronic serials.

For more information concerning the availability of the CONSER Cataloging Manual, contact the Cataloging Distribution Service, Customer Services Section, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. 20541-5017; telephone: 1-800-255-3666 (toll-free, U.S. only) or (202) 707-6100; FAX: (202) 707-1334.

LC Pilot Project on Fiction Cataloging

The Library of Congress has been involved for over a year in a cooperative project with OCLC to increase access to individual works of fiction. Additional subject headings have been added to LC records by OCLC libraries, providing access to topic, setting, character, and genre. The Library of Congress is now conducting a pilot project to determine the desirability of assigning these headings in its own cataloging.

The pilot project will run from April through June 1993. Catalogers will assign additional subject headings to works of fiction in English. New subject authority records will be created as needed, especially for fictitious characters. Genre terms will be assigned primarily from the list in ALA's Guidelines on Subject Access to Individual Works of Fiction, Drama, Etc., occasionally supplemented by headings from LCSH.

LC will monitor the additional time needed for assignment of these headings and the effect on production. Following the pilot project a decision will be made on whether to continue this practice.

Online Library of Congress Classification

Late in 1992, a technical committee at the Library of Congress explored the conversion of the Library of Congress Classification to machine-readable form. As a result of a survey conducted on three discussion lists (PACS-L, AUTOCAT, and USMARC-L) to determine likely uses of online Library of Congress Classification data, the committee decided that the new USMARC format for classification data be used for the conversion of the schedules into machine-readable form.

An experiment has been conducted over the past year to test the new classification format, which has resulted in the conversion of the H-HJ schedule (Social Sciences: Economics) into the USMARC format using software running on a personal computer that allows for the creation of MARC records. An enhancement to the software provides for a browse display that shows classification data in a format similar to the page of a classification schedule. A cataloger in the Business and Economics Team of the Social Sciences Cataloging Division has been using the classification database daily for classification of new material. The MARC records have also been distributed on diskette and through file transfer on Internet to interested institutions for experimentation. In addition, records for classification numbers in schedule KJE (Law of Europe) were encoded to test the USMARC format for law classification.

The Library of Congress has let several contracts to convert other schedules: B-BJ (Philosophy, Psychology); E-F (American History); HM-HX (Social Sciences: Sociology); J (Political Science); KF (Law of the United States); L (Education); P (Philology and Linguistics (General)); PN, PR, PS, PZ (Literature); QA (Mathematics); R (Medicine); T (Technology); and Z (Bibliography, Library Science). Additional contracts are being negotiated for the remaining thirty-seven schedules. It is anticipated that the schedules will be fully converted in about one year.

The Cataloging Distribution Service will use the USMARC records to print the schedules, facilitating more frequent updating and revisions. In addition, it is exploring the distribution of classification in different physical formats.

Test USMARC classification records from the H-HJ schedule are available for institutions wishing to experiment with the format. These are the USMARC records themselves, without any display software. For additional information about the records or generally about the format, contact Rebecca Guenther, Library of Congress, Network Development and MARC Standards Office, Washington, DC 20540; phone: 202-707-5092; Internet: [email protected]. For information about the conversion process or content and editorial policies of LC Classification schedules, contact: Chief, Cataloging Policy and Support Office, Library of Congress; phone: 202-707-4380. For information about LC Classification schedule products, contact Liz Leahy, Cataloging Distribution Service; phone: 202-707-0194; Internet: [email protected].

Network Planning Papers Nos. 22 & 23

These papers round out a three-part series that examines the roles and the impact of actions of different libraries and library- related organizations in the evolving national network. No. 23 is titled The Role of State Library Agencies in the Evolving National Information Network. No. 22 is titled The Role of the National Libraries in the Evolving National Network. No. 21, the first of this series and published earlier, is Impact of Local Library Systems on the National Networking Environment. Prices: no. 23: $19 (North America), $21 (outside North America); no. 22: $18 (North America), $20 (outside North America); no. 21: $20 (North America), $22.75 (outside North America). Take advantage of specially priced packages: purchase any two papers in the three-part series for $27 (North America), $30 (outside North America). Purchase all three for $34 (North America), $38 (outside North America).

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