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Volume 1, no. 5, ISSN 1066-8829, June 1993

Cooperative Cataloging Council Meeting
CONSER Operations Committee
LC-Cooperative Cataloging Discussion Group
Professional Development
USMARC Proposals and Discussion Papers to be Considered at ALA
CONSER Cataloging Manual

Cooperative Cataloging Council Meeting

Present: Liz Bishoff (OCLC), John Byrum (LC), Ann Della Porta (LC), Judy Henderson (LC), Suzanne Liggett (LC), Carol Mandel (Columbia University), Sue Phillips (University of Texas at Austin), David Reser (LC), Karen Smith-Yoshimura (RLG), Pat Thomas (Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library), Sarah Thomas (LC), Linda West (Harvard University), Beacher Wiggins (LC)

On Thursday, April 22, 1993, the Cooperative Cataloging Council met at the Library of Congress to begin its work. Sarah Thomas, director for cataloging at LC, welcomed the group which worked through a full agenda. The council revised and approved its charge statement, a list of assumptions regarding the planning process, the mission of the national cooperative cataloging program, and program goals and objectives. The council then established seven task groups which will work on specific goals and/or objectives, and identified task group chairs, as well as liaisons from the council. These task groups, working in consultation with the greater library community, will present a preliminary "plan of action" to the council and the LC-Cooperative Cataloging Discussion Group at ALA in June, and a final list of recommendations at the end of October.

The seven task groups are:

Task Group I: "More, Better, Faster, Cheaper"
     Chair: Brian Schottlaender (University of California, Los Angeles)
     CCC Liaison: Pat Thomas

Task Group II: "Availability and Distribution"
     Chair: Michael Kaplan (Harvard University)
     CCC liaison: Linda West

Task Group III: "Authorities"
     Chair: Barbara Tillett (University of California, San Diego)
     CCC liaison: Sue Phillips

Task Group IV: "Standards"
     Chair: Willy Cromwell (Stanford University)
     CCC liaison: Karen Smith-Yoshimura
     LC liaisons: Kay Guiles and Lynn El-Hoshy

Task Group V: "Cataloger Training"
     Chair: Joan Swanekamp (Columbia University)
     CCC liaison: Carol Mandel

Task Group VI: "Foreign MARC"
     Membership: representatives from LC, OCLC, RLG

Task Group VII: "Program Planning"
     Chair: Sarah Thomas
     Membership: all CCC members

If you would like to receive a full copy of the CCC mission, goals, and objectives, please contact Dave Reser at (202) 707-2406 or [email protected]. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the work of these task groups, which will be widely distributed for comment.

The Cooperative Cataloging Council would especially like to thank the Council on Library Resources for supporting travel and meeting expenses for some of the participants.

CONSER Operations Committee

The annual meeting of the CONSER (Cooperative Online Serials) Operations Committee was held at the Library of Congress, May 6-7, 1993. The Operations Committee addresses issues relating to serials cataloging, including documentation and training. The focus of this year's meeting was format integration and the cataloging of serials issued in CD-ROM and electronic formats.

With regard to format integration, the group encouraged OCLC to develop an integrated fixed field display for non-print serials (e.g., serial map) that would combine elements of the leader, 008, and 006 fields in one mnemonic display, similar to that currently used by OCLC. The CONSER Editing Guide will include only those elements appropriate to serials. Current plans are for a consolidated version of the base text pertaining to printed serials to be issued in early 1994, with a separate section on non-print serials to be issued late 1994.

In discussing the cataloging of CD-ROM serials, members expressed concern that elements of the systems requirement note would soon be out of date on a serial record and acknowledged that limiting it to the operating system might be more manageable. Other issues discussed were the cataloging source to be used for the title, the nature and extent of links, and the handling of "mega" CD-ROMs. The cataloging of serial computer files, particularly CD-ROMs, is the subject of a module prepared by Kristin Lindlan and Anke Gray of the University of Washington that will be published in update 1 of the CONSER Cataloging Manual, Fall 1993. In discussing the cataloging of remote or electronic serials, the group agreed that field 500 was the appropriate place to give the "address" until field 856 is defined.

Members also decided to express, by means of the authentication code, the fact that a record was created without sufficient language expertise. Discussion also included what elements constitute a core serial record, and the potential for other OCLC members to perform limited updating of CONSER records.

LC-Cooperative Cataloging Discussion Group

The LC-Cooperative Cataloging Discussion Group (formerly the LC-NACO Discussion Group) will meet at ALA in New Orleans on Sunday, June 27, from 7:00-8:30 pm in Room 10 of the New Orleans Convention Center. The program will provide updates on current cooperative cataloging programs, and will feature presentations by the Cooperative Cataloging Council Task Group Chairs on the "plan of action" drafted by their task groups regarding the future of cooperative cataloging programs. We look forward to seeing you all there and joining in the discussion.

Professional Development

The Cataloging Directorate is providing five cataloging technicians with an opportunity for professional development by sponsoring their attendance of the 26th annual conference of the Council on Library/Media Technicians (COLT). These staff members will attend various workshops and program focusing on the roles of technicians in libraries. In addition, they will spend a day at the cataloging department of Tulane University. During this site visit, they will be especially interested in studying the copy cataloging operation. Upon their return, they will share findings and observations with the directorate.

USMARC Proposals and Discussion Papers to be Considered at ALA

The following USMARC proposals and discussion papers will be considered at the Machine-Readable Bibliographic Information Committee (MARBI) meetings during ALA annual, June 26-28, 1993 in New Orleans.

Saturday, June 26 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Sunday, June 27 2:00-5:30 p.m.

Monday, June 28 2:00-5:30 p.m.

These documents may be retrieved by sending a mail message to the USMARC-L discussion list. Documents are named as follows: Proposals by their number with the extension DOC (cover sheets showing status with the extension COV); Discussion papers by DP and number with extension DOC or COV (e.g. 93-7 DOC; DP70 DOC) Send a mail message to the following address: [email protected]. The user need not fill in a subject when prompted. The text of the message should read: get dp70 doc where the filename and extension follows the word "get". Do not use any other text in the message. Do not send message to [email protected], but to [email protected]. A list of all documents available may be retrieved by sending a mail message to the listserv (as above) with the text: index usmarc-l.

CONSER Cataloging Manual

This manual brings together vital information from authoritative cataloging tools and LC practice -- for a complete picture of serials cataloging! Prepared by staff in LC's Serial Record Division and other CONSER institutions.

CONSER Cataloging Manual is the authoritative training tool for beginning serials catalogers as well as a reference manual for experienced professionals. This new tool presents in one comprehensive source the step-by-step process of cataloging a serial, with references to the pertinent AACR 2 rules, Library of Congress Rule Interpretations, and explanations of LC oral tradition relating to serials. The CONSER Cataloging Manual is a companion to the much-acclaimed CONSER Editing Guide -- which supplies instructions for online input. The result is a complete picture of cataloging practice for serials publications in one comprehensive source.

CONSER Cataloging Manual works equally well as a self-training tool and a practical reference. This hands-on guide helps you:

The base text (Part 1), available in June, is devoted to original cataloging. Filled with more than 100 illustrations using actual serial publications, flow charts, and diagrams, the volume is organized into 18 comprehensive learning modules.

The looseleaf base text is mailed to you with a 4-inch binder and tabs. 572 pages. Users: New and experienced serials catalogers as well as generalists in research, public, and special libraries with large serial collections. It also makes an outstanding library school text.

The complete CONSER Cataloging Manual, which is an ongoing effort under the direction of the Library of Congress's Serial Record Division, consists of three parts:

  1. Original cataloging -- the base text, available June 1993.
  2. Adapting records for online cataloging one module to be available in the first update.
  3. Special types of serials and special problems one module to be available in the first update.

Update No. 1, to be published late Fall 1993, will include a module on "Understanding and Interpreting Pre-AACR 2 Serial Records" from Part 2 and a module covering the cataloging of CD-ROM and floppy disc serials from Part 3. Update No. 1 will also include a second binder.

Future updates will include additional modules for Parts 2 and 3 as well as ongoing updates to the entire publication. The manual and updates will represent the most current and authoritative word on serials cataloging.

The price for Part 1 (base text) will be announced shortly. The price for Update No. 1 will be announced late Fall 1993. For more information, contact Cataloging Distribution Service, Customer Services Section, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. 20541-5017; telephone: 1-800-255-3666 (toll-free, U.S. only) or (202) 707- 6100; FAX: (202) 707-1334.

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