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Chief, Cataloging Policy and Support Office
Implementation of AACR 2R Amendments 1993 at LC
Cataloging Directorate Update
LC at ALA Midwinter
CIP Advisory Group Meeting
Cataloging '93
Cooperative Cataloging Council Update
Cooperation with Hennepin County
New CONSER Associate Member


Sarah E. Thomas, director for cataloging, has announced that Barbara B. Tillett has accepted the position of chief, Cataloging Policy and Support Office. She expects to report to the Library on March 7. She is currently head of the Catalog Department, Central University Library, University of California, San Diego. She holds a B.A. degree from Old Dominion College, the M.L.S. from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and the Ph. D. from the University of California, Los Angeles. Dr. Tillett is an active member of the American Library Association and served as chair of the ALCTS Cataloging and Classification Section, 1992/93. Most recently she chaired the Cooperative Cataloging Council Task Group on Authorities.


The Library of Congress has received copies of the AMENDMENTS 1993. The Cataloging Policy and Support Office is preparing needed changes/cancellations to relevant LCRIs affected by the amendments. Implementation of the AMENDMENTS 1993 will take place at the time LC staff receive the related LCRIs through the regular, quarterly distribution from the Cataloging Distribution Service, now estimated to be sometime in late April.


The Library of Congress Cataloging Directorate update prepared by Sarah E. Thomas, director for cataloging, for the ALA 1994 Midwinter Meeting is available through the Internet on Marvel, the LC gopher system, by telenetting to, and using the login: marvel. From the menu, select

  7.  Services to Libraries and Publishers
     1.  Services to Libraries
      2.  Cataloging Directorate:  Reports and papers
          1.  LC Cataloging Directorate Update for ALA Midwinter


Hours of some events have not yet been set; see the final program or session agenda for time and place.



  LC Exhibit Booth:  Los Angeles Convention Center, booth 206

     American Memory
     Center for the Book staff members
     Global Library Project videotapes: "The Best of Liberties Library," "Birth of a Free Library," "Dream Keepers"
     Internet demonstrations: ACCESS, LC MARVEL, LOCIS; exhibits on Internet
     "The Library of Congress New Service" (electronic bulletin board)
     New publications display and copies of "Publications in Print 1993"
     Travelling exhibits information

  OCLC/Forest Press Exhibit Booth:  Los Angeles Convention Center,
booth 442

     Consultations with Dewey editors
     Electronic Dewey
     Dewey print products


The CIP Advisory Group will meet Sunday, February 6, 1994, from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the Board Room of the Sheraton Hotel, 333 S. Figueroa Street. The agenda includes

  1) Review of the CIP Division FY93 Annual Report.

  2) Juvenile titles and the current status of suspending
summaries for nonfiction.

  3) New CIP Data Sheet and its implications for publishers.

  4) Current status of the Electronic CIP Project and
transmission of first full galley from University of New Mexico
Press to the Library of Congress.

  5) Current status of using OCLC records for preliminary
cataloging and to update CIP records.
Visitors interested in these issues are encouraged to attend.


In fiscal year 1993, which ended September 30, 1993, the cataloging divisions pushed forward on several fronts to respond to cataloging needs, arrearage reduction concerns, staff development objectives, and the utilization of new technologies. New innovative procedures were tried such as a SWAT Team to concentrate on the Library's arrearage reduction initiative, initiation of copy cataloging using external source records from the bibliographic utilities, and realignment of workflows. The cross-training of descriptive catalogers to perform subject cataloging was undertaken in many teams with the number of staff able to perform subject work increased from 90 in June 1992 to 150 in October 1993. New technologies were employed such as equipping selected staff with new pc-based bibliographic work stations. All divisions made great strides in keeping up with current receipts and in continuing to decrease the cataloging arrearage. For the year 260,957 records were completed and the books arrearage was reduced by about 17,000 items. Individual divisional accomplishments of particular note are outlined below.

Arts and Sciences Cataloging Division: contracted with OCLC to catalog Hungarian and Romanian titles and experimented with a work- at-home effort that eliminated the directorate's Bulgarian arrearage.

History and Literature Cataloging Division: experimented with providing subject headings to works of fiction.

Regional and Cooperative Cataloging Division: explored the possibility of an international project for authorities with the British Library and the National Library of Canada, organized a nationwide study to improve the overall effectiveness of cooperative cataloging that established the Cooperative Cataloging Council, trained staff in the Library's field offices in Cairo, Karachi, and New Delhi in an effort to improve their cataloging skills, and participated in a bibliographic enrichment team that was funded by the Edward Lowe Foundation through the Library's Business Research Fund.

Serial Record Division: eliminated the old serials cataloging arrearage housed in the Library's Adams Building for over two decades and eliminated the serials microform arrearage.

Social Sciences Cataloging Division: Successfully processed well over 99% of its receipts of over 91,000 items that were 65% over expectations.


A team composed of staff and management from the Cataloging Directorate - referred to as the "SWAT Team" - was set up in mid- June for a period of six months. This team assumed responsibility for reducing the arrearage of uncataloged materials that had been accumulated during 1990-1992. Originally the team was composed of 6 persons - 4 doing descriptive cataloging, one doing subject cataloging, and one doing shelflisting. The staffing configuration changed somewhat after the first three months as some of the original participants left and others joined including a second subject cataloger and shelflister.

All items were searched initially on OCLC for copy. If copy was available, it was used as a starting point in the processing. The team provided full-level LC cataloging with the requisite descriptive, subject, and classification access points assigned to all materials. These items included English, Spanish, French, and Italian language materials. Team members completed all authority work (name, series, subject, and classification) that was needed for the materials being processed. Many of these items that otherwise would have been relegated to minimal-level cataloging (MLC) status were processed instead as full-level records.

During the six-month period the SWAT Team completed the cataloging of approximately 7,650 items. This figure is similar to the average production of many teams in the Cataloging Directorate for an entire year. The SWAT Team was able to achieve this noteworthy production because of the somewhat isolated environment in which it worked and also because of the total dedication, commitment, and talents of the team members.


Sarah Thomas, LC Director for Cataloging and chair of the Council, convened an open informational forum on the morning of Tuesday, Nov. 16 for staff from eighteen D.C.-area libraries and the Library of Congress at which each of the six CCC task group chairs gave a brief presentation outlining their recommendations. Concurrent break-out sessions, one for each group, followed the forum for a more in-depth discussion of the recommendations. The afternoon of this first day consisted of a de-briefing session with the task group chairs and Council members, and the Council continued its work over the next two days.

A new vision for cooperative cataloging emerged from the meeting, which includes: creation of a new international cooperative cataloging program; endorsement of a core bibliographic record; development of simple, user-friendly documentation; promotion of a comprehensive training program which emphasizes cataloger judgement; formation of a Foreign MARC Coalition to facilitate access to records produced outside North America; and, an ambitious expansion program which will dramatically increase the number of participants and program records.

By February, the CCC will have a strategic plan based on the recommendations and deliberations that have occurred over the past year. The CCC will disseminate the plan for comment and will discuss its implementation plans at ALA Midwinter during the Technical Services Directors of Large Research Libraries Discussion Group on Feb. 4, and at the LC-Cooperative Cataloging Discussion Group meeting on Sunday evening, Feb. 6.

A more complete summary is available via Internet on MARVEL, the LC gopher system by telnetting to, and using the login: marvel. From the main menu, select:

  7. Services to Libraries and Publishers
     1. Services to Libraries
      4. Cooperative Cataloging Programs
          2. Cooperative Cataloging Council
Or contact David Reser in Cooperative Cataloging at (202) 707-2406 or [email protected]


From April through September 1993 the Library of Congress successfully conducted an experiment to test the feasibility of adding to LCSH subject headings established by the Hennepin County Library for its own list. Catalogers in the Library's Cooperative Cataloging Teams worked from subject headings listed in Hennepin's Cataloging Bulletin. This pilot was a result of a visit to LC by Sandy Berman in November 1992, when Mr. Berman made a presentation to the LC Cataloging Forum.

At the end of the pilot, approximately 35 subject headings proposed by Hennepin had been added to LCSH. Examples: Achievement motivation in women Afro-Americans--Color Bisexuals Chemical weapons disposal Gay erotic art Home entertainment systems Self-directed work groups Strip quilting Voguing (Dance) World music This is now an on-going cooperative venture with Hennepin.


The American Theological Library Association (ATLA) has joined the CONSER Program as an associate member. Representatives from ATLA and Research Publications International, which is working under contract with ATLA, are currently receiving training in LC's Serial Record Division. ATLA's contributions will enrich the CONSER database in the area of religion. Its experience with microforms will also benefit the development of a new module for the CONSER CATALOGING MANUAL.

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