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Volume 2, no. 4, ISSN 1066-8829, June 1994


Decimal Classification
AACR 2 Amendments 1993
Series Tracings
NACO Expansion
Northwestern University Becomes Bibliographic Partner
LC/Princeton Cooperation on Cataloging Italian and Mexican Imprints
Australian Bibliographic Network Standards Committee


Susan H. Vita, formerly chief of the Social Sciences Cataloging Division, has been named chief of the Special Materials Cataloging Division (SMCD). SMCD is responsible for the cataloging of computer files, manuscript collections, microforms, music books and scores, and music sound recordings. Ms. Vita has been acting chief since the retirement of Gloria Hsia during the last quarter of calendar year 1993.


Following is a partial list of presentations to be made at ALA Annual Conference by LC staff. Schedules of some events have not yet been set; see the final program or session agenda for time and place.


     Bibliographic Control of Conference Proceedings.  June 24,
8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Beacher Wiggins, facilitator and keynote
address: Overview of current national policies and standards;
issues relevant to preconference topic


     Publications in Librarianship editorial board.  June 26,
9:00 a.m., Omni International, Stafford: Barbara Tillett

     Slavic and East European Section, Automated Bibliographic
Control Committee.  June 27, 2:00-4:00 p.m., Hyatt Regency Miami,
North Hall.  Recent Slavic and East European cataloging projects;
summary of changes in name headings and subject terms for the
former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe: Nina Palmin.


     CCS Cataloging of Children's Materials Committee.  Public
program session, "Sources of Cataloging When You'd Rather Not Do It
Yourself," June 25, 2:00-4:00 p.m., Miami Beach Convention Center
Rm C225-226.  The annotated card program:  Jane E. Marton; also,
Cheryl Cook, CDS, and Gregory New, Dewey.

     CCS Cataloging of Children's Materials Committee.  Meeting,
June 26, 2:00-5:30 p.m., Fontainebleau Hilton, Imperial III. 
Summaries for juvenile nonfiction CIPs:  Jane E. Marton

     CCS Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access.  June 25,
2:00-4:00 p.m., Hyatt Regency Miami, Central Hall; June 27, 9:30
a.m.-12:30 p.m., Omni International, Wagner: John Byrum
(operations), Barbara Tillett (policy)

     CCS Executive Committee.  June 24, 8:00-10:00 p.m.,
Fontainebleau Hilton, Imperial III; June 27, 8:00-9:00 a.m., Miami
Beach Convention Center, Rm A102; June 28, 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.,
Miami Beach Convention Center, Rm D230: Barbara Tillett

     CCS Heads of Cataloging Discussion Group.  June 27, 9:30-11:00
a.m., Hyatt, Ashe Auditorium:  Sarah Thomas

     CCS Policy and Research Committee.  June 27, 2:00-4:00 p.m.,
Miami Beach Convention Center, B112.  LC update:  Sarah Thomas

     CCS Subject Analysis Committee.  June 26, 9:30 a.m.-12:30
p.m., Miami Beach Convention Center, Rm B214.  Current developments
in LC Subject Cataloging: Lynn El-Hoshy

     CCS Subject Analysis Committee, Subcommittee to Revise Fiction
Guidelines: Gerald R. Wager

     Copy Cataloging Discussion Group.  June 26, 2:00-4:00 p.m.,
Miami Beach Convention Center, Rm D239. LC's copy cataloging
activities: Beacher Wiggins

     CIP Advisory Group.  June 26, 4:30 p.m., Miami Beach
Convention Center, Rm D233.  Topics to be covered include the
status of the policy to exclude summaries from juvenile nonfiction
titles, status of electronic CIP, and book claiming and upgrading
CIP records:  John Celli

     LC Cooperative Cataloging Discussion Group.  June 26, 7:00
p.m., Fontainebleau Hilton, Bordeaux. Update on cooperative
programs at LC; updates on the progress of the Cooperative
Cataloging Council and its task groups; discussion of the revised
draft of the PCC governance document: John Byrum, Ana Cristan, Ann
Della Porta, Sarah Thomas, Barbara Tillett, Gerald R. Wager

     SAC Subcommittee to Revise Fiction Guidelines: Gerald R. Wager

     SS Committee to Study Serials Cataloging.  June 27, 2:00-4:00
p.m., Omni, Orange Bowl.  LC report:  Regina Reynolds

     SS Policy and Research Committee.  June 25, 11:30 a.m.-12:30
p.m., Omni, Stirrup.  LC report: Regina Reynolds

     Technical Services Directors of Large Research Libraries. 
June 24, 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Miami Beach Convention Center,
D128-131.  Cooperative Cataloging Council automation recommendations,
automating shelflisting, series authorities update:  Winston Tabb,
Sarah Thomas
LITA LITA/ALCTS Authority Control Interest Group. June 26, 2:00- 4:00 p.m., Miami Beach Convention Center, Rm A204/A205. "Artificial Intelligence and Authority Control: Together At Last?": Barbara Tillett, panelist EXHIBITS LC Exhibit Booth: Miami Beach Convention Center, booth 625


Electronic Dewey Interest Group: The second meeting of the Electronic Dewey Interest Group is scheduled for Sunday, June 26, 2:00-4:00 p.m., Miami Beach Convention Center B-112. A demonstration of the 1994 edition will be given by Joan S. Mitchell, editor.

Exhibit: The assistant editors (Julianne Beall, Gregory New, and Winton Matthews) will demonstrate electronic Dewey and answer user questions at the OCLC Forest Press booth, #727.


Amendments 1993 to the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, second edition, was distributed to the Library of Congress cataloging staff the week of May 2, 1994. Update 1994, no. 1, to Library of Congress Rule Interpretations reflecting the changes contained in the amendments was distributed the same week. Implementation of the changes was effective with the distribution of these two documents.


Sarah Thomas, Director for Cataloging, has announced the postponement of the policy decision on the tracing of series in LC's cataloging. The decision is being postponed until September or October 1994 in order to take into account information from the Cooperative Cataloging Council Series Authority Record Task Group. That group's final report will be submitted September 1.


Listed below are the summaries of the proposals and discussion papers for the June 1994 MARBI meeting. Please note that discussion papers 78-80 have not been previously announced and are now available from the USMARC list archives. To access these, use names:

     cover sheets (shows status, results of MARBI discussions):  
          .cov or DP.cov  
               e.g., 94-17.cov  
     documents (entire document, without status information):  
          .doc or DP.doc  
               e.g., 94-17.doc  

These documents may be retrieved by sending a mail message to [email protected]; the user need not fill in a subject when prompted. The text of the message should read: get listname filename, e.g., get usmarc 94-2.cov where the filename and extension follows the word "get".

All USMARC Listserv files are also available through the Library of Congress' CWIS. Telnet to and login as marvel. The file archives are listed under "Libraries and Publishers", "USMARC Standards", "USMARC Listserv".

PROPOSAL NO. 94-9, Changes to the USMARC Bibliographic Format to
Accommodate  Online Systems and Services (proposes several
enhancements to the USMARC Bibliographic Format to allow for the
creation of USMARC records for online systems and services)

PROPOSAL NO. 94-10, Encoding of Patent Information in the USMARC 
Bibliographic Format (proposal calls for adding specific guidelines
for the treatment of patent information in the USMARC Format for
Bibliographic Data.  It suggests the definition of new data
elements to accommodate certain patent information)
PROPOSAL NO. 94-11, Addition of Subfield $n (Note) in Field 037
(Source of Acquisition) in the USMARC Bibliographic Format
(proposes the addition of a subfield $n in field 037 for notes
relating to the source of availability.  The note can relate to any
of the defined  subfields in the Source of Acquisition field)
PROPOSAL NO. 94-12, Core Record Designation in USMARC Bibliographic
Records (proposal gives options for designating that a
bibliographic record meets the specifications for a core record: 
Using Leader/17 (Encoding Level) or 042 (Authentication Code))
PROPOSAL NO. 94-13, Interactive Multimedia Code for USMARC
Bibliographic Format (proposal gives options for designating that
a  bibliographic record is for an  interactive multimedia item. 
Leader/06 and 008/26 are considered)    
PROPOSAL NO. 94-14, Extension of USMARC Authority Fields 053 and
083 for Local Use (proposal defines a second indicator (Source of 
classification number) and subfield $5 (Institution to which field
applies) for fields 053 (LC Classification Number) and 083 (Dewey
Decimal Classification Number) to enable institutions other than
the authoritative agency to use the fields)

PROPOSAL NO. 94-15, Field Link and Sequence Information in the
USMARC Formats (proposal suggests a generally applicable technique 
for linking and sequencing fields in all USMARC records.  Changes
in the USMARC formats are proposed that would define subfield $8
(Field link and sequence number) in the Bibliographic and Authority

PROPOSAL NO. 94-16, Encoding of Cancelled/Invalid Report Numbers in
the USMARC Bibliographic Format (proposal calls for making changes
in field 088 (Report Number) in the USMARC Format for Bibliographic 
Data to accommodate cancelled and invalid report numbers)

PROPOSAL NO. 94-17, Changes to the USMARC Bibliographic Format to
Accommodate  the Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata 
(CSDGM) (proposal recommends adding provisions to accommodate the
various data elements defined in the Federal Geographic Data
Committee's Content Standards for  Digital Geospatial Metadata to
the Bibliographic Format)
DISCUSSION PAPER NO. 78, Location and Access Information for
Non-Internet  Resources in USMARC Records (explores how to
accommodate location and access information for electronic
resources available through a dial-up connection)

DISCUSSION PAPER NO. 79, Defining Subfield $v for Form Subdivision
in the USMARC  Formats (considers the possible impact of a new
subfield code for form subdivisions in fields 6XX and 755 in the
bibliographic format, 1XX, 4XX, and 5XX in the authority format,
75X in the classification format, and 6XX in the community
information format) 
DISCUSSION PAPER NO. 80, Defining a Component Item Entry Field in
the USMARC Bibliographic Format (explores whether a field should be
defined in the linking entry block of fields to contain information 
about items that are constituents or elements of the item being
cataloged or contained in the collection, group, or  set being
cataloged.  RLIN currently uses a local field  789 for such data in
the cataloging of graphic materials, which are linked to electronic


Several new participants have joined the Name Authority Cooperative Project (NACO) since Oct. 1993. In addition to the University of Minnesota, the University of Virginia, and the ArtNACO funnel project which were previously announced, new libraries include: the University of Oregon, the Cleveland Public Library, and two new funnel projects: Wayne State University (a funnel project that will consist of 13 libraries comprising the Detroit Area Library Network) and the Dance Heritage Coalition (a group of seven performing arts libraries committed to the preservation of and access to dance materials). In addition, two institutions have received training this fiscal year in order to expand their NACO contributions: the New York State Library and Cornell University. These new additions bring the number of NACO libraries to over 120 participants.

NACO will soon be welcoming the following libraries which are in the process of scheduling training: Brigham Young University, the University of Miami, the University of Wisconsin--Madison, North Dakota State University (a funnel project of several North Dakota institutions), and a new funnel project for Hebrew and Judaica authority records to be coordinated by Brandeis University.

The end of March statistical count shows that NACO participants have contributed 47,651 records so far this year, a 13% increase over this time last year.


Sarah Thomas, Director for Cataloging, and Andrea Stamm, Acting Head of Cataloging, Northwestern University, announce that Northwestern University will soon be joining the National Coordinated Cataloging Program (NCCP), contributing monographic bibliographic records in the area of Africana.

Northwestern will join four other libraries contributing records through the OCLC PRISM service and four libraries contributing directly to the LC MUMS cataloging system by means of linked bibliographic workstations. Northwestern has been a longtime contributor of name and series authority records to the NACO (Name Authority Cooperative) project, and will focus its bibliographic contributions on items slated for its nationally- recognized Africana collection.

These records will reside on OCLC and will exemplify the traditional characteristics of NCCP records, which are national level records with full authority work, and will carry an 042 field (authentication code) with the legend "lcnccp." These records will be identified as "DLC" records in the truncated and brief display in OCLC and will be retrieved by searches using the "DLC" qualifier. Since Northwestern uses Dewey Decimal Classification, their records will not contain an LC Classification number (unless LC or another NCCP library adds one). They will contain Dewey Decimal Classification numbers in an 082 field (full standard Dewey).

Indiana University has also announced its intention to re- start contributions to NCCP through the OCLC PRISM service, which will bring the total number of NCCP institutions to ten. These libraries, together with the other participating libraries, will form the foundation of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) when that program becomes fully defined in the coming months.


The Library of Congress and Princeton University Libraries have entered into a joint agreement to cooperate in the cataloging of Italian and Mexican imprints. Catalogers find few records for these materials in national bibliographic databases and, consequently, must perform costly original cataloging. Through cooperation, LC and Princeton will be able to use one another's records in a predictable manner. The libraries expect that the project will expedite the cataloging of these materials and thereby help not only these two institutions but the rest of the nation's libraries as well.

Effective June 1, LC will give priority cataloging to the approximately 3,500 Mexican monographs that it receives annually, and in exchange Princeton will give priority cataloging to approximately 3,500 Italian monographs. A review of Princeton's acquisitions has demonstrated that there is a broad overlap in the collections policies for Italian materials, and since Princeton acquires Mexican imprints extensively, both institutions expect to benefit from this arrangement.

The project complements the cataloging already coming out of LC's Rio de Janeiro Field Office, the overseas office that acquires and catalogs material for LC's collections from Brazil and Uruguay, and dovetails with a proposed Stanford cooperative project to catalog Latin American imprints, for which LC has volunteered to cover Mexican imprints.


During his recent visit to the Library of Congress to attend the Dewey Editorial Policy Committee meetings, Giles Martin, currently chief of the Quality Control Section, University of Newcastle Libraries, New South Wales, took the opportunity to meet with library officials (John Byrum, Chief, Regional and Cooperative Cataloging Division, and Barbara Tillett, Chief, Cataloging Policy and Support Office), several specialists from CPSO and the Network Development and MARC Standards Office, and members of the Cooperative Cataloging Teams to discuss cooperative cataloging possibilities. At this meeting Mr. Martin was briefed on the international cooperative efforts currently underway with the British Library, the University of Oxford, and the National Library of Canada.

As recently elected chair of the ABN Standards Committee, Mr. Martin explained that the ABN Network Committee and the ABN Standards Committee are advisory committees to the National Library of Australia. He then explained that the Subject Heading Review Panel is composed of three people from the Standards Committee who meet semi-annually to review proposed subject headings, which since 1981 have been forwarded to LC for inclusion in LCSH. During his discussion Mr. Martin indicated that the ABN envisions a cooperative partnership with LC that would provide them with the possibility of becoming the central node in Australia for LC's authority file. Currently the National Library of Australia is accepting bids for a complete redevelopment of its database and has recently agreed in principle to merge its database with that of New Zealand. Both these projects are expected to facilitate the exchange of data between LC and the ABN. Considerations of more formal arrangements to further a cooperative initiative will be undertaken in the fall.

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