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Volume 3, no. 3, ISSN 1066-8829, March 1, 1995

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The Library of Congress is pleased to announce the appointments of Regene C. Ross as chief, Social Sciences Cataloging Division and Susan R. Morris as assistant to the director for cataloging.


Policy matters relating to cataloging Beacher J.E. Wiggins Acting Director for Cataloging [email protected]

Descriptive and subject cataloging (all materials), LC classification, and MARC tagging and inputting

Cataloging Policy and Support Office (CPSO) [email protected]

LC serials catalog records (with field 042 *lc*)

[email protected]

Assignment of ISSNs to serial publications or National Serials Data Program records (with field 042 *nsdp*)

[email protected]

Authenticated CONSER records, documentation, or practices

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Decimal classification

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Cooperative cataloging

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Distribution of LC cataloging records (MARC tapes and CD-ROM) and lc technical publications

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During the week of January 23-27, staff in the Cataloging Policy and Support Office (CPSO) provided training to representatives of the cataloging teams. The training was done on the "train the trainer" model. The representatives of the cataloging teams in turn trained staff on their teams. Once a team was trained, it was asked to implement the changes associated with the current round of format integration. Since there were some forty teams to be trained, actual implementation was not uniformly on the same day. A brief guide was prepared by CPSO staff as part of the training materials for use in introducing the changes to staff at LC. A version of this guide is available on LC Marvel. Telnet to and login as: marvel. Select Libraries and Publishers (Technical Services), Cataloging at the Library of Congress: Programs & Services, Library of Congress Cataloging Policy and Practice, Brief Guide to LC Policy & Practice for Format Integration: BOOKS.


The Cooperative Cataloging Council (CCC) met on Thursday, February 2, 1995, in conjunction with the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia, in order to update the group on current activities, set priorities for the coming months, and initiate the new Executive Council of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC).

Much of the agenda was devoted to an update from Joan Swanekamp, chair of the Standing Committee on Training, on the development of the training package for PCC BIBCO (the bibliographic record component of the PCC). Work continues to identify a contractor to develop the package, which will be based on the "training-the-trainer" approach--participants from member libraries will soon be recruited to attend this session to become trainers.

Bob Wolven, chair of the CCC Subject Authority File Task Group, presented the task group's final report for discussion. The CCC approved the document as a general strategy for improvements to the subject authority file, while suggesting further action in several areas. Many "near term" and "mid term" recommendations are being acted on by the Cataloging Policy and Support Office at LC. Linda West, CCC liaison to the Series Authority File Task Group, led the discussion of that group's final report, which was also accepted with minor changes.

Alan Danskin, representing the British Library (BL), led a discussion regarding the role of the BL and other national libraries in the PCC and the governance issues concerning the Anglo-American Authority File (AAAF). It was affirmed that the PCC's role is to provide direction for the programs which build the shared files, not "governance" of the file itself.

The fullness of the agenda led to the postponement of some items that will be discussed by the group through a new mail reflector designed for just this purpose.

At the conclusion of the CCC meeting, the new Executive Council for the Program for Cooperative Cataloging was handed the reins of the program as it moves from the planning stage toward full implementation. This new council consists of permanent members representing the following institutions:

ALA/ALCTS (Karen Muller)
CONSER (Linda West)
British Library (Pat Oddy)
Library of Congress (Sarah Thomas)
National Library of Canada (Ingrid Parent)
National Library of Medicine (Duane Arenales)
OCLC, Inc. (Liz Bishoff)
The Research Libraries Group (Karen Smith-Yoshimura)

and, representatives from member institutions that were elected in January by libraries that participate in cooperative cataloging programs. They include:

Columbia University (Carol Mandel)
Cornell University (Christian Boissonnas)
Michigan State University (Colleen Hyslop)
Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library (Pat Thomas)
University of California, Los Angeles (Brian Schottlaender)
University of Texas at Austin (Sue Phillips)
University of Washington (Harriet Selkowitz)

In addition, "operational advisors" were selected from two institutions to advise the PCC regarding technical issues. They are:

Marty Joachim (Indiana University)
Margaret Shen (Cleveland Public Library)

Sarah Thomas was nominated and unanimously elected as chair of the PCC executive council.


LC is beginning to implement new procedures intended to reduce the costs of preparing CIP cataloging records. Under the new procedures, CIP technicians will transcribe the imprint and ISBNs into the initial CIP bibliographic record from information on the CIP data sheet submitted by the publisher. The technician will record a single place of publication, a single publisher, and date of publication. The technician will also record all ISBNs and associated qualifiers and permanent paper information. These data will not be further reviewed by descriptive catalogers at the initial galley stage, although they will, as usual, be compared against the published item when it is received and adjusted as necessary to reflect the publication. These new procedures put the responsibility on the publisher for supplying accurate information for the CIP record, and relieve the descriptive cataloger from trying to anticipate what will appear on the published item.

At the same time, LC will stop recording price information for all cataloging, CIP and non-CIP. This is ephemeral information, frequently unreliable, and seldom reflects the actual cost of a particular item to a specific institution.


The Task Force presented an interim report at the CONSER-At- Large meeting at ALA. Michael Fitzgerald (Harvard), chair, summarized the work of the group to date in identifying key issues for CONSER. Following recommendations from the CONSER Policy Committee and task force discussions, the task force will: 1) review the new OCLC Manual for Cataloging Internet Resources to determine whether serials are adequately covered and what areas are lacking; 2) recommend a definition of "electronic serial" for the CONSER database; 3) recommend the best means of cataloging multiple electronic versions of the same serial and digitized reproductions of paper serials; 4) recommend ways in which field 856 should be used in CONSER records; and 5) investigate ongoing mechanisms to enable CONSER to keep up with developments in the field of electronic serials. Bill Gosling (Michigan) and Ross Atkinson (Cornell) will prepare a background paper for discussion at the November Policy meeting on the topic of whether CONSER should archive serials cooperatively.

Also discussed by the CONSER Policy Committee at ALA was the possibility of finding new ways of providing access to electronic serials, such as by making use of the TEI header. CONSER also hopes to gain further experience in cataloging electronic serials through members' participation in OCLC's Internet Cataloging Project. To date, several CONSER libraries, including the National Serials Data Program, have joined the project. Melissa Beck of UCLA, who is drafting a module on the cataloging of remote access serials for the CONSER Cataloging Manual, has recently been added to the OCLC Internet Cataloging Experiment Advisory Board.


The weekly lists of approved new and changed subject headings are now available on LC MARVEL. The subscription service to the lists was discontinued at the end of 1994. Beginning in 1995 approved weekly lists are posted to LC MARVEL each week. To view the lists users should follow these steps:

          telnet to 
          login: marvel
          select these menu options:
               Libraries and publishers (Technical Services)
               Cataloging at the Library of Congress (Programs and Services)
               LC Subject Headings Weekly Lists

Unfortunately diacritics and some special characters do not display on LC MARVEL. The Library is investigating ways to flag the subject authority records that contain diacritics so that users may then look at a full display of the record as it appears on LOCIS. The Library is also investigating ways to include transactions to the list of children's subject headings. The "Summary of Decisions" of the editorial meetings appear at the end of the lists. The lists will remain on LC MARVEL until a new annual edition of Library of Congress Subject Headings has been published that includes the headings that had appeared on lists.


OCLC Forest Press unveiled the Dewey home page at ALA Midwinter. The home page includes the OCLC Forest Press catalog, Dewey News, the full Dewey ALA report, timely classification topics (the first such topic being, appropriately, the treatment of works on the topic "Internet"), Internet addresses of online catalogs using Dewey, the DDC summaries, press releases, and the Dewey research agenda. The Dewey home page is available over the World- Wide Web at URL:


The Library has enhanced Cataloger's Desktop by the addition of USMARC Format for Bibliographic Data, 1994. Other additions to be added in 1995 are Music Cataloging Decisions and Subject Cataloging Manual, 1995.

This single-disk CD-ROM provides catalogers the capability to locate rules and citations quickly and easily. Files can be individually customized to suit cataloging needs through the use of a password, thus allowing personalized "post-it" notes, bookmarks, highlighting, and links. The notes can also be transferred to each update without having to file new pages or manually transferring important information.

Cataloger's Desktop is available for $870 in North America (singles user), $875 outside North America. Each additional simultaneous user is $160, both within and outside North America. Each additional simultaneous user includes a set of documentation.

To order Cataloger's Desktop, to request either a 3.5" demonstration diskette or a demonstration CD-ROM (both are free), or to receive a copy of the system requirements, contact Library of Congress, Cataloging Distribution Service, Customer Services Section-LCCN, P.O. Box 75720, Washington, D.C. 20542-5017. Telephone: 1-800-255-3666 (toll-free within the U.S.) or (202) 707- 6100; Fax: (202) 707-1334; TDD: (202) 707-0012; Internet: [email protected]

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