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Volume 3, no. 10 ISSN 1066-8829 October 27, 1995

I. Cataloging Directorate Home Page
II. Program for Cooperative Cataloging Seeks Volunteer Operational Advisor
III. ISSN Directors Meet in Ljubljana
IV. CONSER Task Forces Activities
V. Series Institute


The Library of Congress Cataloging Directorate now maintains a World Wide Web Home Page. Information available through this home page includes lists of directorate managers; Cataloging Directorate online publications such as the Proceedings of the Seminar on Cataloging of Digital Documents held at the University of Virginia and the Library of Congress in October 1994; and documentation about Cataloging Directorate internal workflows, distribution policies, etc. The page also links to information from the menu "Cataloging at the Library of Congress" on the LC Gopher site LC MARVEL, including the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) Weekly Lists and back issues of LC Cataloging Newsline and CONSERline.

The home page was constructed by David Williamson, senior descriptive cataloger currently detailed to the Cooperative Cataloging Team, Regional and Cooperative Cataloging Division, and LCCN listowner. The home page can be accessed using either of two Uniform Resource Locators (URLs): or Comments and questions about the home page should be sent to: [email protected]


The Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) Executive Council is seeking an operational advisor to replace Margaret Shen, Cleveland Public Library, whose term expires this year. This is a two-year term in which the advisor serves with one other operational advisor to provide technical back-up to the PCC Executive Council.

The PCC Executive Council meets twice a year in conjunction with ALA to develop recommendations for the Program for Cooperative Cataloging. Its fifteen members develop strategic plans for achieving goals that support the mission of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging. They establish and oversee task groups that discuss and implement these goals.

Operational advisors advise the PCC Executive Council on operational matters and technical issues in PCC cataloging. They are selected from experienced PCC participants who volunteer to serve. Operational advisors are expected to attend the semi-annual meetings held at ALA. Volunteers for this assignment should submit a statement from their supervisors indicating that they have consulted with library management for approval and support. For further information on the duties of this assignment, contact either Marty Joachim (Indiana University) on email at [email protected] or Margaret Shen at [email protected] . Eligible librarians should send expressions of interest to Sarah E. Thomas, Chair, Executive Council, Program for Cooperative Cataloging, Library of Congress, LM642, Washington, D.C. 20540-4000, ([email protected]) by Nov. 15, 1995.


The National and University Library in Slovenia's capital city, Ljubljana, was the site of the 21st Meeting of Directors of ISSN Centers, Sept. 19 - 22. Regina Reynolds, Head of the National Serials Data Program, LC, attended, along with directors of 27 other ISSN centers worldwide, including directors of newly- established centers in Estonia, Macedonia, and Switzerland.

A major topic at the meeting was a document entitled "ISSN Strategic Plan and Operational Plan Towards 2001." The plan reiterates the ISSN Network's commitment to universal coverage of serial publications, and sets as major goals promoting further awareness of the ISSN system; increasing the timeliness and accuracy of ISSN records; providing improved and additional services and facilities to existing and new ISSN users; and working towards increased compatibility of the ISSN bibliographic format and other automated formats. The ISSN International Center is planning to make the strategic plan accessible from its home page ( or

Another topic that engendered much discussion was a survey of prepublication practices throughout the ISSN Network. Guidelines for assigning pre-publication ISSN and strategies for the detective-like job of tracking down publishers and issues after publication were explored. Although center directors conceded that prepublication assignments do require more effort and cause some problems, they overwhelmingly reaffirmed the importance of prepublication assignments in the ISSN system since such assignments are the only way to enable first issues of new serials to carry an ISSN.

Electronic serials continue to prompt questions and discussion as more countries gain experience in this area. During the past year, The Netherlands, Norway and France began requiring legal deposit of electronic publications, including online serials. Several centers, including NSDP, either have home pages on the Internet or are in the process of developing them. The ISSN International Center's home page provides links to the home pages or gopher sites of other ISSN centers.

At the request of the CONSER Task Force on the Cataloging of Conference Publications, center directors considered whether some categories of numbered conference publications would be better treated as monographs. The directors were strongly against such treatment but could envision treating conference titles as series so as to allow libraries to analyze individual conferences and thus provide both serial and monographic access. Directors also discussed the draft of a new edition of the ISSN Manual that is in preparation.

Because of a shift to a biennial schedule, the next directors meeting will take place in spring 1997 when it will be hosted by the Hungarian center at the National Szechenyi Library in Budapest.


Seven CONSER task forces are in various stages of activity. The Task Force on Batchload of CONSER Records is developing a means by which new CONSER records can be batchloaded to OCLC through file transfer protocol rather than input directly to the OCLC database. The National Library of Medicine and Harvard University will be taking part in the experimental phase. The Format Integration Task Force hopes to complete many years of work in 1996 when the final stage of format integration is completed. Members are currently working on the development of core records for non-print serials.

The Task Force on Electronic Resources will issue its final report in October, providing policy members with recommendations on what constitutes a serial within the online environment; CONSER use of field 856; treatment of digital reproductions in the CONSER database; and a number of other cataloging-related issues. CONSER policy members will also address the issue of archiving serials at their annual meeting in November.

Two ad hoc groups have been working on issues relating to the CONSER Program itself. The Membership and Governance Task Groups both were charged with recommending ways in which CONSER can remain vital and broaden its activities in a time of fiscal restraint. Reports of both groups will also be discussed at the policy meeting in November.

Finally, two new task forces have begun looking at the way in which serials are cataloged. The Task Force on the Cataloging of Conference Publications is considering whether monograph or serial treatment should be preferred for conference proceedings, and what rules and rule interpretations might need changing to eliminate needless title changes for this type of publication. Title changes will also be addressed by the Task Force on AACR Review, which will identify a number of areas in the code that could be changed to improve the bibliographic control of serials. Final reports for both of the cataloging task forces are due in June 1996. For further information on the work of any of the task forces, contact Jean Hirons, acting CONSER coordinator at [email protected]


Eleven catalogers from libraries participating in the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) will attend the third Series Institute to be held October 25-27, 1995 at the Library of Congress. Judy Kuhagen, senior cataloging policy specialist in the Cataloging Policy and Support Office, will serve as the instructor for the course which is being sponsored by the Cooperative Cataloging Team. Three LC catalogers will also participate in order to gain expertise and familiarize themselves with new developments in this area of descriptive cataloging.

Those attending the October Series Institute are: Lowell Ashley, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Darla Carras, University of Pittsburgh; Anaclare Evans, Wayne State University; Ruth Haas, Harvard University; Diane Hillmann, Cornell University; Sergei Ignashev, Center for Research Libraries; Louisa Kreider, Cleveland Public Library; Carol Pekar, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Victor Pelles, University of Pittsburgh; Vitus Tang, Stanford University; Betty Waynick, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; and Lily Wu, Queens Borough Public Library. Those participating from the Library of Congress include Tom Andrew, Natalia Jagannathan, and Patricia Myers-Hayer.

During the past fiscal year two series institutes were held (November 1994 and July 1995). At the end of fiscal year 1994, 21 libraries had submitted new series authorities; by the end of fiscal year 1995, the number of contributing libraries had risen to 38. As a result, the number of new series authority contributions has increased 48%, totalling over 4,600 records. This level of contribution has reaffirmed the Cooperative Cataloging Team's commitment to sponsoring these ongoing series institutes.

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