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Volume 4, No. 4, ISSN 1066-8829, March 1996


Jean Hirons Receives Bowker Award

National Library of Scotland Contributes to LCSH

Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) Record Identification Agreement

Audit of Cooperative Cataloging Programs

CONSER Welcomes Two New Members

NLM CIP Productivity Enhancements

GDL Conference Proceedings on MARVEL and WWW

Subclass ZA, Information Resources

Jean Hirons Receives Bowker Award

Jean Hirons, who has served as the Coordinator of the CONSER Program since November 1993, was named as this year's recipient of the Bowker/Ulrich's Serials Librarianship award. Ms. Hirons' contributions to the education of serials catalogers were the focus of the award. She is the editor of the highly acclaimed CONSER Editing Guide and CONSER Cataloging Manual and recently served on the faculty of the ALCTS Serials Institutes. She will receive the award in July at the annual meeting of the American Library Association in New York City.

National Library of Scotland Contributes to LCSH

The Library of Congress is pleased to welcome the National Library of Scotland (NLS) as the newest international member of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC). Through SACO, the subject authority component of the PCC, NLS has proposed for inclusion in LCSH the subject heading: Heather gardens.

NLS joins the growing cadre of international libraries that regularly contribute subject proposals to SACO through email. NLS is a member of the Copyright Libraries Shared Cataloging Project (CLSCP), the United Kingdom's cataloging cooperative. The CLSCP members, all of which also participate in SACO, include: the British Library, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, the National Library of Wales, and Trinity College, Dublin.

Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) Record Identification Agreement

The Program for Cooperative Cataloging has inaugurated BIBCO, a program for creating bibliographic records that parallels NACO and replaces the National Coordinated Cataloging Program (NCCP). Records contributed by libraries participating in BIBCO will appear in RLIN and OCLC. Records created by BIBCO libraries in LC and those RLIN and OCLC records used by LC will also appear in LC and be distributed through the MARC Distribution Service.

RLG, OCLC, and the Library of Congress have agreed to conventions for the identification of these PCC full and core level records. The specifications for PCC record identification are given below. There are separate procedures for the period prior to March 18, 1996 due to programming changes for Format Integration on that date.

It is the goal of the PCC Standing Committee on Training that all Program records eventually reflect the same conventions, so that these valuable records are clearly identified for all users.

These procedures will be implemented immediately by the recently trained BIBCO libraries.


The following table shows the online characteristics of PCC records contained in OCLC and RLIN both pre and post March 18, 1996.

N.B. FOR OCLC MEMBERS: After March 18, 1996, OCLC will communicate records in accordance with the description above, although the online records will have different coding. PCC records both before and after March 18, 1996, will be identified in brief and truncated lists as other national program records are and will be retrieved in searches qualified by "DLC."

N.B. FOR RLG MEMBERS: In RLIN, only PCC records input or loaded after March 18, 1996 will be flagged in online displays.

            Encoding level  042$a     040$e    Source code   039$a 
            (Leader/17)                         (008/39) 
PRE-MARCH 18, 1996 
OCLC core       blank       lcnccp     core       d          n/a 
OCLC full       blank       lcnccp     n/a        d          n/a 
RLIN core       blank       pcc        core       c          n/a 
RLIN full       blank       pcc        n/a        c          n/a 

POST-MARCH 18, 1996 
OCLC core       blank       pcc        n/a        c          core 
OCLC full       blank       pcc        n/a        c          n/a 
RLIN core        4          pcc        n/a        c          n/a 
RLIN full       blank       pcc        n/a        c          n/a 

OCLC will implement Encoding Level 4 for online input of PCC records in a separate implementation later. Once Encoding Level 4 is implemented, existing records will be converted so that all coding is consistent. OCLC will be able to intake and output PCC records displaying the MARBI approved core record conventions, i.e., Encoding Level 4; 042 pcc, after March 18, 1996.

Audit of Cooperative Cataloging Programs

The Library of Congress is pleased to announce the results of a recent audit of the Library's Cooperative Cataloging programs. This audit, conducted by the Library's Inspector General's office during fiscal year 1994, found that overall, these programs were cost-effective, resulting in net savings to the Library and that they are successful. The objectives were to assess the economy and efficiency of the operations and to evaluate the corresponding results. All aspects of the operations were reviewed including organization, management, performance appraisal, training, workflow, and internal controls. The highlights of the findings are summarized below.

Findings and Recommendations

The Library and its partners have both benefitted from cooperation.

For the Library, cataloging costs have declined 12% over the past four years due in part to the Library's involvement in cooperative cataloging programs.

The Library has already taken steps to change some of the areas where the audit identified a need for improvement, including

The Library expects to reap even greater benefits as NCCP is replaced by BIBCO.

These are highlights of the recent auditor's report; for further information, please contact John D. Byrum, Chief, Regional and Cooperative Cataloging Division ([email protected]).

CONSER Welcomes Two New Members

The University of Maryland at College Park and the St. Louis University Law Library have joined the CONSER Program at the full and associate levels, respectively. A highlight of the University of Maryland's contributions will be records for Japanese and Chinese serials and the addition of vernacular data to CONSER records. St. Louis is the first law library to join the program and has one of the strongest law collections in the Midwest. Jeanne Baker and Marietta Plank will represent Maryland on the Operations and Policy Committees. William Toombs will represent St. Louis on the Operations Committee.

NLM CIP Productivity Enhancements

The Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Division administers the CIP program; however, the National Library of Medicine does the CIP cataloging for those items in clinical medicine. Before Fall 1995, NLM received the paperwork from LC, did the cataloging, and sent the paperwork back to LC where technicians rekeyed the data into the LC system.

With advances made with the intelligent workstation and Text Capture and Electronic Conversion (TCEC) experiments, a daily routine is run automatically without human intervention at NLM where all CIP cataloging records from the previous day are gathered and written to a file in MARC communications format. When the paperwork comes back to LC, the technician does not rekey the CIP data into the LC system. Instead, the technician uses file transfer protocol (FTP) to connect with NLM over the Internet and retrieves the needed file of CIP records from NLM. The technician then starts a TCEC program that reads the NLM file and converts the records from MARC communications format into the LC internal format. The technician looks over each record to make sure it corresponds to the NLM-supplied printout and clicks on a button that sends the data to the LC system.

Although this new workflow has added a few steps--FTP and the use of a TCEC program--the productivity increase has been dramatic. In the former workflow, the technician (along with other work) was able to key approximately twelve titles a day. With the TCEC program, on the first day the technician was able to process 42 titles.

GDL Conference Proceedings on MARVEL and WWW

The proceedings of the "Conference on Organizing the Global Digital Library: New Opportunities for Cataloging and Processing" are now available on the Library of Congress Cataloging Directorate home page on the World Wide Web. The conference, sponsored by the Council on Library Resources and LC's National Digital Library Program and chaired by Sarah Thomas, acting director for Public Service Collections, was held at the Library of Congress on December 11, 1995. Librarians and administrators from several large research libraries and bibliographic utilities and automation experts from nonprofit and commercial organizations participated in discussions on methods for selecting and processing digital materials. The conference proceedings, which include a list of action items proposed by the participants, are located at

     Events, Facilities, Publications, and Services
          Conferences, Meetings, Symposia at the Library

or elsewhere on the web at

For additional information on this conference, see LC Cataloging Newsline, volume 4, number 1 (January 1996).

Subclass ZA, Information Resources

In the autumn of 1995, the Library of Congress published in Cataloging Service Bulletin and in LC Cataloging Newsline, a draft of a proposed new subclass of the Library of Congress Classification, designated ZA and entitled Information Resources. Comments were invited from those who use the LC Classification. The Cataloging Policy and Support Office is grateful for the valuable comments and suggestions that were received. Many of them have been incorporated into the final version of subclass ZA, which was approved for use on March 13, 1996. The approved version of the subclass will be published in LC Classification: Additions and Changes, List 261 (January-March 1996).

     Libraries and Publishers (Technical Services)
          Cataloging at the Library of Congress:  Programs &
            Library of Congress Cataloging Policy and Practice

Classification numbers from subclass ZA are now being assigned at the Library of Congress to newly cataloged materials.

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