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Volume 4, No. 15, ISSN 1066-8829, December 1996

LC's Core Cataloging Project for Serial Publications
Changes to Subject Authority Records for Music
NLA/NEMA Conference
Online Audiovisual Catalogers
CONSER Documentation Updates
Subject Cataloging Manual: Subject Headings
USMARC Code List for Organizations

LC'S Core Cataloging Project for Serial Publications

The CONSER Program established the core-level record for serial publications in late 1994. Following the core-level standard for monographs ratified by the Program for Cooperative Cataloging, the CONSER Editing Guide (CEG) describes the core- level as a cataloging level between full and minimal that includes essential bibliographic elements for serials. (See http://lcweb. The core-level record also takes a new approach to record requirements by relying on cataloger judgment in a number of areas.

The CEG identifies a number of fields as optional at the core- level including fields 041, 043, 300, and 310. LC does not plan to include these fields in its core-level records for serials, with the exception of the current publication frequency (field 310). Classification is not required in CONSER records, but LC core-level records will include the LC call number (field 050) and the Dewey class number (field 082).

Core-level requirements for several areas of the serial record are explained in general terms in the CEG. Notes, added entries, and subject headings are to be included in the core-level record if considered essential for record identification or access, depending on the cataloger's judgment. Project staff met with reference librarians from LC's Current Periodicals and Newspapers Reading Room to determine which elements are to be considered essential. They reached a number of conclusions.

LC's Serial Record Division (SRD), in consultation with selection officers, identified several groups of serials for core- level cataloging: travel guides, car repair manuals, and administrative reports. (Genealogical titles are now being added on a case-by-case basis.) In May 1996, the serial core-level cataloging project was established to process these publications at the core-level. The project is functioning under the whole serials cataloging effort with descriptive and subject cataloging completed in SRD and will further assist in identifying other serials suitable for core-level cataloging. Project records were first input in August 1996, following CONSER requirements.

The project is slated to continue through the end of 1996 at which time a performance assessment will be conducted.

Changes to Subject Authority Records for Music

In conjunction with the new edition of the Subject Cataloging Manual: Subject Headings, revisions are being made to the references in certain subject heading records for musical works:

  1. A new note has been written as a model to be used in the 360 field under all headings for the music of specific instruments and types of ensembles, e.g., Flute music, Band music, Clarinet choir music, For example,

         Flute music
            See also headings for forms and types of music that include
            flute or flutes and headings with medium of performance
            that include flute or flutes
  2. New scope notes under headings for types of instrumental ensembles now indicate the number of performers the ensemble in the heading stands for when it is used as the accompaniment to other instruments or voices. For example,

         Brass ensembles
            When used for an accompanying ensemble in headings with
            medium of performance, the term brass ensemble  stands for
            two or more instruments

    Accompaniment in headings for musical works always follows the word "with." Thus, in the heading "Trumpet with brass ensemble," the brass ensemble can be understood to consist of two or more instruments.

  3. BT and RT references are being cancelled from certain headings that consist of a term for musical form followed by a parenthetical qualifier containing the medium of performance. "Concertos" headings have already been revised in this way and others will follow. Although records of the type affected by these BT and RT changes no longer need to be made because such headings are now created according to various patterns, the authority records for these headings are valid and, as such, will not be removed from the file.

NLA/NEMA Conference

With the theme "Success at All Points: Strength Through Interdependence," the Nebraska Library Association and the Nebraska Educational Media Association held their joint fall convention in Lincoln, Nebraska, October 23-25. At the invitation of the NLA Technical Services Roundtable and the NLA Paraprofessional Section, Gene Kinnaly, senior technical advisor in the Arts and Sciences Cataloging Division, gave an overview of the cataloging operation at LC. Presentation materials included organizational and production charts as well as sample job postings for catalogers and cataloging technicians. Mr. Kinnaly also presented a paper on "netiquette", the etiquette of communicating on the Internet. Other speakers addressed such issues as web site development, telecommuting, space planning, digital libraries, and communication skills.

Online Audiovisual Catalogers

On October 3-5, 1996, Online Audiovisual Catalogers, Inc. (OLAC) held its biennial conference entitled "The Audiovisual Commons and the Electronic Future" in Denton, Texas. Barbara B. Tillett, chief, Cataloging Policy and Support Office, was one of the keynote speakers. She spoke on "The Audiovisual Commons at the Library of Congress." The other keynote speech, "Cataloging Internet Resources: Findings and Futures," was delivered by OCLC's Erik Jul. Allene Farmer Hayes and Tricia Van Ryn, both senior catalogers in the Special Materials Cataloging Division, presented a workshop entitled "Cataloging Computer Files at the Library of Congress" to over 130 participants. Other conference workshops focused on outsourcing of audiovisual cataloging and the description of a variety of nonbook items such as archival materials, sound recordings, motion pictures, works of art, maps, and interactive multimedia.

CONSER Documentation Updates

CONSER staff from LC s Serial Record Division recently completed updates to the CONSER Editing Guide (CEG) and the CONSER Cataloging Manual (CCM) that will be distributed in early 1997. CCM update 5-6 includes the new Module 33, Newspapers, and a full update of Module 31, Remote Access Computer File Serials. Module 33 is a cooperative effort with contributions from four CONSER participants, replacing the Newspaper Cataloging and Union Listing Manual that served U.S. Newspaper Program (USNP) catalogers since 1990 as their principal resource. The Newspapers module establishes new CONSER policies and practices for cataloging newspapers and better coordinates USNP practice within the CONSER Program. Also included in the module is a nine page section on cataloging electronic newspapers.

The revision of Module 31 includes CONSER s new interim guidelines for cataloging online versions of print journals, and brings the module up-to-date in this rapidly evolving environment. (CONSER devised an optional approach to online versions whereby either separate records or a single record can represent both versions.) Module 31 can be accessed through the World Wide Web (

CEG update 5 is the third update for the calendar year and largely reflects the new CCM update with changes relating to newspaper cataloging and online versions of serials in print. Included with the revisions of fields used in newspaper cataloging (e.g., fields 651 and 752) are the new guidelines for online versions that are documented in section B6, Record Requirements, and appendix N, Special Physical Formats. (CEG section B6 is also available online: A fully updated description of the 856 field is also included to describe its use for print serials.

For information about obtaining these documents, contact the Library of Congress, Cataloging Distribution Service, Customer Services Section/Dept. W, Washington, D.C., 20541-5017, 1-800-255- 3666 (or email [email protected]).

Subject Cataloging Manual: Subject Headings

The fifth edition of Subject Cataloging Manual: Subject Headings (SCM:SH) has been published and is available from the Cataloging Distribution Service. This four-volume set replaces the two-volume fourth edition and its updates. The new edition contains many updated instruction sheets as well as new instructions. In addition the examples follow the new LC policy of indicating MARC content designation.

SCM:SH, fifth edition, is priced at $120 (North America) and $180 (outside North America). A subscription to the semiannual updating service for 1997 is $40 (North America) and $80 (outside North America). If both the basic fifth edition and 1997 update service are ordered before March 1, 1997, the price for both is $145 (North America) and $245 (outside North America). All prices include expedited shipping.

Order SCM:SH directly from Library of Congress, Customer Services Section, Cataloging Distribution Service, P.O. Box 75720, Washington, DC 20013-5720; telephone 1-800-255-3666 (U.S. only) or (202) 707-6100; fax: (202) 707-1334. TDD: (202) 707-0012. Web address:; email: [email protected]


In Cataloging Service Bulletin, no. 74, the Library of Congress Rule Interpretation that appears as 21.6G2 should be 1.6G2.

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