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Volume 5, No. 03, ISSN 1066-8829, April 1997

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PCC Participants Discussion Group

Brian Schottlaender, UCLA, opened the meeting of the PCC Participants Discussion Group on February 16, 1997, at the Library of Congress. As chair of the PCC Executive Council, he welcomed participants to the celebration of the one-millionth record contributed by NACO libraries and over 100,000 new authority records contributed in fiscal year 1996. Schottlaender reported on the PCC-CONSER consolidation and its status. Following separate and joint meetings at the Library of Congress last November, the Executive Council of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) and the Policy Committee of the Cooperative Online Serials Program (CONSER) agreed to join forces. The newly consolidated PCC will comprise four technical programs: BIBCO, CONSER, NACO, and SACO.

Four conclusions were reached in support of the consolidation:

  1. consolidation would wed the strengths of both programs;
  2. consolidation would eliminate duplication of effort;
  3. a consolidated program could speak to the cataloging community with a unified voice; and
  4. the one unified program would address issues of common concerns.

Consolidation would allow the program to be more responsive, speed decision-making, broaden the constituency, allow program elements to be implemented across the board, and make possible an easier resolution to economic issues.

As currently envisioned, the new structure will include a policy committee with representatives from CONSER, BIBCO, and NACO; a smaller steering committee; two operations committees; and three standing committees (Automation, Standards, and Training). The CONSER Operations Committee will continue to be inclusive, whereas the BIBCO Operations Committee will have ten rotating members. The chairs of the standing committees will serve on the Policy Committee. Two draft documents are being prepared: one on the governance structure (which will be revised slightly to incorporate comments made at the PCC Executive Council meeting held before ALA) and the other on the strategic plan consolidation.

The merger of the two programs will enable the strategic plans of each to be consolidated into one single strategic plan. The current effective target date for consolidation is October 1, 1997. CONSER will continue to follow its current guidelines until the combined strategic plan is issued. Working groups are looking at the issues of governance structure, merging the strategic plans, and establishing an effective advisory structure. A smaller group will later look at funding issues.

Schottlaender also reported that the CONSER Task Force on Conference Publications finished its draft revision of LCRI 12.0A, which describes the cataloging of conference proceedings. A module for newspaper cataloging has been written in support of the United States Newspaper Program (USNP) and is currently being used by newspaper catalogers. It was also reported that Jean Hirons and Crystal Graham with the assistance of the CONSER AACR Review Task Force will author a paper on seriality. The paper is to be presented at the International Conference on the Principles and Future Development of AACR in Toronto in October 1997.

Ann Della Porta then presented the report from the Cooperative Cataloging Team. She announced the dates for the next Series Institute as April 16-18, 1997; spoke of the NACO 20th year anniversary celebration now planned for ALA Annual Conference in San Francisco; and described plans for upcoming NACO training. She also praised the SACO libraries for their record-setting contributions of new subject proposals. The first SACO Workshop, taught by Lynn El-Hoshy, Cataloging Policy and Support Office (CPSO), was held before ALA Midwinter and was designed to assist catalogers interested in learning how to propose subject headings for LCSH and classification numbers for the LC Classification schedules.

In fiscal year 1996, the first year of BIBCO, almost 15,000 bibliographic records were contributed by twenty libraries. (These records can be identified by "pcc" in the 042 field and are supported by full authority work for all access points.) Della Porta announced the availability of the fifth edition of Subject Cataloging Manual: Subject Headings, and the second edition of NACO Participant's Manual and reported the results of the core- level record experiment completed at the Library of Congress.

The following libraries joined the program and received NACO training in fiscal year 1996: Blackwell/North America, Bowling Green State University, Brooklyn School of Law, Brown University, Cooperative Computer Services, Eden-Webster Library (Florida State University Law Library), Freer Gallery of Art, Indiana University Law Library at Indianapolis, Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis, Indiana Historical Society, Michigan State University, National Art Library (Great Britain), Oliveira-Lima Collection (Catholic University), Pace University Law School, University of California at Santa Barbara, University of Kansas, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, University of Wyoming, and Western Washington University, in addition to the DC Law Funnel Project.

The final portion of the evening was highlighted with the PCC Awards Ceremony. The recipients were: