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PCC Participants Discussion Group
PCC Policy Committee Election
LCSH Celebration
CONSER Celebrates Its Twenty-Fifth Anniversary
Controversial Literature

PCC Participants Discussion Group

On Sunday evening, June 28, 1998, the Library of Congress hosted the semi-annual Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) Participants Discussion Group meeting in the Mumford Room at the Library. Brian Schottlaender (University of California, Los Angeles), chair, welcomed the audience. He announced that Winston Tabb (associate librarian for Library Services, Library of Congress) would receive the Melvil Dewey medal "for his vision, leadership, and determination in establishing the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC), which resulted in significant improvements to global bibliographic control"; John D. Byrum (chief, Regional and Cooperative Cataloging Division, Library of Congress) would be awarded the Margaret Mann Citation for outstanding professional achievement in the fields of cataloging and classification; and Crystal Graham (University of California, San Diego) would be presented the Bowker/Ulrich's Serials Librarianship Award.

Schottlaender noted that the PCC had joined the Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access (CC:DA) as a non-voting member. Joan Schuitema (Northwestern University), chair of the PCC's Standing Committee on Standards, will serve as the first PCC representative to CC:DA.

Schottlaender also announced that the final version of the PCC Tactical Plan had been approved and is available on the web (URL: The draft version of the PCC document governing the use of its name and logo and the PCC budget were also discussed and approved.

Schottlaender reported on the first joint meeting of the BIBCO and CONSER Operations Committees in May 1998. The two groups decided to include one concurrent session during the next round of meetings on April 22-23, 1999. Decisions and action items that were forwarded to the Steering Committee and approved include the establishment of a new BIBCO listserv and a request to the Network Development and MARC Standards Office, Library of Congress, for a code to be assigned to the PCC for use in series authority records. For a more detailed summary of these meetings, visit the PCC Home Page (URL:

Byrum presented the BIBCO/NACO/SACO report. He gave the Cooperative Cataloging Team update and began by congratulating the newest participants in BIBCO, the bibliographic component of the PCC: Center for Research Libraries (CRL); University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Princeton University; Brooklyn Law School; and University of New Mexico. He also welcomed the libraries which have joined NACO since the ALA Midwinter Meeting in New Orleans, and added that NACO is excited about expanding membership in August to include the University of Newfoundland and the plans to provide training to Universidade de Sao Paulo in September and University of South Africa in the Spring of 1999. Byrum also reported on other training initiatives including the seventh Series Institute, the Asian Materials Cataloging Seminar, the SACO workshops, and the Cataloging Now! Institutes.

CONSER Announces New Training Initiative

Schottlaender announced that the CONSER Program had established the Serials Cataloging Cooperative Training Program. The new program was conceived by Jean Hirons (CONSER Coordinator) as an effort to standardize and simplify the serials cataloging instruction process. Working with Hirons on this effort are colleagues in CONSER, the ALCTS Serials Section Training Committee, the North American Serials Interest Group (NASIG), as well as several library school professors.

Schottlaender noted that "this is a logical extension of CONSER's role in providing educational materials for serials catalogers through its documentation. The aim of the program is to provide training materials and trained trainers but not to sponsor the actual training. We will leave that for ALCTS, NASIG, OCLC networks, regional and state library associations, and others. The training will be based on the CONSER Cataloging Manual and will also take advantage of the World Wide Web."

Current plans are to develop a pilot program in spring 1999 to address the most pressing need identified through a recent CONSER training survey: introductory instruction in serials cataloging. This pilot will include both print and electronic serials and will be designed for classroom training with supplementary material on the web. Classes will be developed through a modular approach to allow a trainer to mix and match sessions of particular interest. A subgroup of the PCC Standing Committee on Training will be formed to keep materials up-to-date.

Schottlaender also thanked those who have formed the program's steering group: Jean Hirons, John Riemer, and David Van Hoy, from CONSER; Sharon Mason, Julia Gammon, and Bea Caraway, representing ALCTS; Cameron Campbell, Ann Ercelawn, Beverley Geer, representing NASIG; Patti Fields from FEDLINK; and Thom Saudargas from the College Center for Library Automation. NASIG president, Steve Oberg, and Karen Muller (executive director of ALCTS) were also recognized for their support. Library school professors Lynne Howarth (University of Toronto) and Sherry Vellucci (St. John's University) plan to participate in upcoming months.

CONSER Then and Now

Hirons gave a slide presentation that featured a review of CONSER's development and achievements, and endeavored to "dispel the myths about CONSER." Several accomplishments were highlighted: instructions for cataloging microforms and computer files, the development of serials-related LCRIs, documentation on format integration, and CONSER's lead in the AACR2 review process for serials. Hirons noted several misconceptions as CONSER is perceived as involving too much work, having too much documentation, and including only large universities or elite institutions. Hirons explained that in reality the creation of CONSER records and use of CONSER documentation, while seemingly time-consuming, save time overall in providing records for library catalogs and in training new staff. She emphasized that there are possibilities for smaller institutions to participate in the program.

Benefits of CONSER

Providing three different perspectives on the benefits of CONSER were Cecilia Leathem (University of Miami), Jennifer O'Connell (EBSCO Information Services), and Mechael Gago (Indiana University, Bloomington). Leathem reported on her institution's retrospective conversion of serial records and the success in finding CONSER or other OCLC records for all but eight percent of the titles (eighty-two percent had CONSER copy). O'Connell discussed the use of the CONSER database for EBSCO's production of The Serials Directory. She explained that "CONSER allows us to 'view' the publication without seeing it and to list it by the title proper with the correct ISSN." Gago noted the cost- and time-savings benefits that Indiana University has realized in its nineteen years as a CONSER member.

The meeting concluded with a tribute by Sally Sinn (incoming PCC chair) to outgoing chair, Brian Schottlaender. Sinn acknowledged his many contributions to cooperative cataloging and particularly his leadership of both CONSER and the PCC during a time of rapid organizational change and growth.

PCC Policy Committee Election

The Program for Cooperative Cataloging has just completed its annual election of new members to its Policy Committee, which is composed of thirteen voting members and six non-voting members. The voting members consist of one representative each from the British Library, the Library of Congress, the National Library of Canada, OCLC, and the Research Libraries Group and eight rotating members who are policy level personnel from full, active participants in BIBCO, CONSER, and NACO programs. The term of office for rotating members is two years, but elected members can serve two consecutive terms.

This year's candidates for BIBCO representative were Michael Kaplan (Indiana University, Bloomington) and Robert Wolven (Columbia University). The candidates representing the NACO libraries were Nancy Skowronski (Detroit Public Library) and Carol Winship (Texas State Library).

The PCC Policy Committee congratulates Michael Kaplan and Carol Winship and looks forward to working with them. The Policy Committee also wishes to take this opportunity to congratulate Brian Schottlaender (UCLA) and Colleen Hyslop (Michigan State University) upon the completion of their terms of service as committee members and to thank them for their work on behalf of the PCC.

LCSH Celebration

As part of the celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of the publication Library of Congress Subject Headings, LC held a reception during the ALA Annual Conference in June to recognize colleagues who have made significant contributions to the development, dissemination, and interpretation of LCSH. Held in the Great Hall of the recently restored Thomas Jefferson Building, the reception began with champagne and a welcome from James H. Billington, Librarian of Congress. Dr. Billington commented on the growth of LCSH since its inception and the diligent work of LC staff and, now, of cooperating institutions beyond LC, who together are responsible for the importance of "this monumental work."

Winston Tabb, associate librarian for Library Services, spoke on the history of LCSH, which began when LC catalogers formally accepted the American Library Association's dictionary list of subject headings. The one hundredth anniversary edition of LCSH is being published as a commemorative edition. Tabb announced that complimentary copies signed by Dr. Billington would be presented to current and former LC staff members Edward J. Blume, Eugene Frosio, Shirley Loo, Mary Kay Pietris, Lucia Rather, and Barbara Tillett, and to educator and author Lois Mai Chan.

Peter Young, chief of the Cataloging Distribution Service, acknowledged the importance of LC's partnerships with other libraries and thanked the organizations that helped support the celebration, Brodart, DRA, EBSCO Subscription Services, Marcive, OCLC, Inc., RLG/RLIN, The Library Corporation, and WLN.

The final event of the reception's formal program was the cutting of a cake precisely depicting a volume of "the Red Book."

CONSER Program Celebrates Its Twenty-Fifth Anniversary

CONSER celebrated its twenty-five years of successful cooperative cataloging with a reception during the ALA Annual Conference and special recognition at the PCC Participants Discussion Group on June 28. The reception featured speeches from LC and PCC officials and representatives of ALA and the North American Serials Interest Group (NASIG). Winston Tabb (LC's associate librarian for Library Services) recognized CONSER's contributions to serials bibliographic control and cooperative cataloging and its benefits to LC and other libraries throughout the world. Tabb stated that CONSER's database of more than 825,000 serial records is distributed world-wide and its cataloging documentation is responsible for creating a more standardized approach to serials cataloging. He conveyed special recognition and appreciation to LC staff who have guided and supported the program, to OCLC which houses the CONSER database, and to the many individuals in CONSER who have contributed to the success of the program.

During the celebration, Brian Schottlaender (University of California, Los Angeles), PCC chair, announced the formation of a new cooperative training program (see above). The celebration concluded with the sharing of CONSER's anniversary cake at the PCC Participants Discussion Group.

The Subdivision --Controversial literature

As a result of a survey of opinions, use of the free-floating form subdivision --Controversial literature is being restricted to use under individual religions, denominations, religious and monastic orders, and sacred works for works that argue against or express opposition to those groups or works. The subdivision is no longer to be used under general religious and philosophical topics. Instruction sheet H 1472 of the Subject Cataloging Manual: Subject Headings will be revised for the 1998 Update Number 2 to reflect this change.

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