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Volume 6, No. 11, ISSN 1066-8829, September 1998

Charles Fenly Named Assistant Chief of CIP Division
Kio Kanda Named Japanese I Team Leader
New Chair of the PCC Standing Committee on Automation
OCLC Forest Press Management Changes
Cataloging Now! Institutes
New or Updated Items on the PCC Home Page
IFLA Travel

Charles Fenly Named Assistant Chief of CIP Division

Charles Fenly became the assistant chief of the Cataloging in Publication (CIP) Division, effective September 28, 1998. Fenly came to the Library of Congress as a descriptive cataloger on Dec. 30, 1974. He became head of the Preliminary Cataloging Section in the former Descriptive Cataloging Division in 1980 and was promoted to assistant chief of the division in 1988. He was detailed as head of the Acquisitions and Processing Section, Music Division, in 1992-1993, and then served as assistant chief and acting chief of the Social Sciences Cataloging Division until 1995. From 1995 until his return to the Cataloging Directorate, he served as assistant chief of the Music Division and Serial and Government Publications Division, Public Service Collections Directorate. Fenly holds a B.A. degree from the University of Texas and an M.A. degree from the University of Denver Graduate School of Librarianship.

Kio Kanda Named Japanese I Team Leader

On July 5, 1998 Kio Kanda was appointed team leader of the Japanese I Team in the Regional and Cooperative Cataloging Division (RCCD). Kanda, who is originally from Japan, spent several years as a monastic before coming to the United States to pursue studies in Buddhism and philosophy. In 1964 he was admitted to a Ph. D. program in Buddhist studies at the University of Wisconsin--Madison. For the next five years he studied Buddhism and its canonical languages. After he obtained a master of philosophy degree and completed Ph. D. candidacy requirements at the university, Kanda taught philosophy and the study of Asian religions at Haverford College, Smith College, and Mount Holyoke College. He came to LC in 1974 as a subject cataloger of Buddhism and Japanese history.

Since coming to LC, Kanda has made significant contributions to the field of cataloging and classification of materials concerning Asian religions. He routinely assists LC staff in descriptive cataloging of Indic and Buddhist works in canonical languages. As a recommending officer he has built an excellent collection of Buddhist materials at LC. He is an expert cataloger who has developed subject headings and classification schedules for Buddhism, Hinduism, and Tibetan Bonpo religions.

In 1993 Kanda created a training program for LC's New Delhi Field Office and trained twenty catalogers in subject cataloging of works in philosophy and Asian religions. Most recently, Kanda has served as president (1996-1998) of LC's Asian American Association.

New Chair of the PCC Standing Committee on Automation

The Program for Cooperative Cataloging Policy Committee (PoCo) has confirmed the appointment of Karen Calhoun, head, Cataloging, Central Technical Services, Cornell University, as the chair of the Standing Committee on Automation (SCA) for the period October 1, 1998, through September 30, 2001, succeeding Michael Kaplan, Indiana University Libraries. Calhoun is also Cornell's representative to the BIBCO Operations Committee. As chair of the SCA, she is an ex officio member of the PCC PoCo.

OCLC Forest Press Management Changes

Peter Paulson, executive director of OCLC Forest Press (FP), which publishes the Dewey Decimal Classification and funds editorial work done on the DDC in the Decimal Classification Division, has announced plans to retire on December 31. Joan S. Mitchell, editor of the DDC, will succeed Mr. Paulson as FP executive director as she continues to serve as DDC editor. Ms. Mitchell will maintain permanent offices both at the Library and at OCLC's Dublin, Ohio, campus. The Forest Press office, which for many years has been located in Albany, New York, is expected to close by June 1999, when all FP functions have been transferred to OCLC headquarters in Dublin.

Cataloging Now! Institutes

Cataloging Now!, a PCC/ALCTS workshop on the PCC Core Record, has been scheduled in three locations during the fall in cosponsorship with regional networks. The workshop was presented September 18, 1998, in Worcester, Massachusetts, in cooperation with NELINET. It will be presented on October 22, 1998, in Dallas,Texas, in cooperation with AMIGOS, and on October 23, 1998, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in cooperation with SOLINET. A fourth presentation is tentatively scheduled for April 16, 1999, in New York State. The series of workshops is cosponsored by ALCTS, RUSA, and the PCC.

Faculty for the workshops are selected from a team of PCC regional trainers and library administrators that consists of Willy Cromwell-Kessler (Research Libraries Group), Kate Harcourt (Columbia University), Colleen Hyslop (Michigan State University), Michael Kaplan (Indiana University, Bloomington), Glenn Patton (OCLC), Brian E.C. Schottlaender (University of California, Los Angeles), Joan Schuitema (Loyola University, Chicago), Sally Sinn (National Agricultural Library), Joan Swanekamp (Yale University), and Beacher Wiggins (Library of Congress).

Presenters will introduce the concept of the core record in a plenary session, then address specific issues for catalog librarians, administrators, and public service librarians in separate breakout sessions. Catalog librarians will learn about creating core records; administrators will be introduced to the management and training of catalogers in this new operational environment; and public services librarians will consider the implications of core records that will be available in OPACs.

The core record was developed by the PCC as a means of increasing the pool of mutually acceptable records for copy cataloging so that catalog librarians can use their time and expertise for original cataloging. The goal is quality cataloging, rich enough in content to be used with little or no local modification, yet cost-effective enough to encourage large numbers of contributions.

Costs to attend the workshops vary by location. Registration information is available from the networks or from the ALCTS office and is still open for the two workshops in October 1998. For further information, contact Yvonne A. McLean at 1-800-545-2433 ext. 5032 or consult the ALCTS web site at:

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IFLA Travel

Technical services at the Library of Congress was well represented at the sixty-fourth Council and General Conference of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) in Amsterdam, August 16-21.

Joan Mitchell, editor of the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC), met with several of OCLC Forest Press's translation partners for DDC to review progress on translations underway, including Chinese, Russian, and Norwegian, and plan for new ones. She also chaired two meetings of the Permanent UNIMARC Committee Working Group on a UNIMARC Classification Format. Julianne Beall, DDC assistant editor, presented a paper, "French Dewey: Potential Influence on Development of the DDC," at the workshop on the French translation of DDC21 sponsored by the IFLA Section on Classification and Indexing.

Barbara Tillett, ILS program director and chief of the Cataloging Policy and Support Office, represented the American Library Association at the IFLA Section on Cataloguing, represented the Library of Congress at the Section on Classification and Indexing, and chaired the IFLA UBCIM Working Group on Minimal Level Authority Records and International Standard Authority Data Numbers. The Section on Cataloguing's Subcommittee on OPAC Displays worked with consultants to draft a report providing definition and scope and suggesting an IFLA guideline. The final report is expected to be submitted for approval next summer following a worldwide review October 1998-January 1999. The Section on Cataloguing's Subcommittee on Anonymous Classics expects to submit its final text for Phase One to the Working Group in November. A revision of the 1978 text, it focuses on European titles and will include Proven‡al languages and Albanian titles. Continuing work will expand coverage to other parts of the world: Phase Two is to be on Africa and Latin America and Phase Three on Asia.

The IFLA UBCIM Working Group on Minimal Level Authority Records and International Standard Authority Data Numbers (WG MLAR/ISADN) met twice during the conference and updated its report, which will be submitted to UBCIM office to arrange for publication later in 1998. The proposal from this working group is to develop a virtual authority database from the various national authority files and to provide links among the records for the same entity by embedding the associated record numbers and perhaps text strings for the authorized forms for computer linking. This obviates the need for an ISADN in the near term and will permit testing the concept sooner without the overhead of an international body to manage the infrastructure needed for creation and maintenance of ISADNs. However, further explorations into the ISADN will also be pursued. The WG MLAR/ISADN will complete its work with its final report and a new group will be formed to address the ISADN.

Tillett also served as recorder and assistant chair of the Working Group on Revision of FSCH (Form and Structure of Corporate Headings). This working group is shifting focus from the concept of a single form for corporate names acceptable worldwide to shared authority records, creating a virtual authority database in support of the UBCIM Working Group on MLAR/ISADN. The FSCH group intends to prepare categories of corporate bodies and provide examples of headings for bodies with corresponding rules and rule interpretations gathered from members of the section.

John Byrum, chief of the Regional and Cooperative Cataloging Division, spoke on "ISBD(ER) Project Definition and Process" at "ISBD(ER): A Practical Workshop." He described the project to prepare the International Standard Bibliographic Description for Electronic Resources (ISBD(ER)), which was initiated by the IFLA Sections on Cataloguing and Information Technology in 1994 and concluded in August 1997, with publication of the ISBD(ER).

Byrum also chaired the ISBD Review Group, which is comparing the International Standard Bibliographic Descriptions (ISBDs) to the IFLA Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records, starting with the ISBD(M) for monographs. They have found that some of the ISBD required elements now need to be made optional in ISBD(M). Byrum also participated in the ISBD(S) Revision Group.

Byrum also represented the ALA Association for Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS) at the meetings of the Section on Bibliography, where he reported the preliminary results of his recent survey "Inclusion of Entries for Electronic Resources in National Bibliographies."

Sally McCallum, chief of the Network Development and MARC Standards Office, concentrated on deliberations to revise the bylaws and statutes for the organization. Associate Librarian for Library Services Winston Tabb served as chair of the Division of the General Research Libraries and member of the IFLA Professional Board. In addition he led a workshop on legal deposit of electronic materials cosponsored by the National Libraries Division. He also attended the Conference of Directors of National Libraries held in conjunction with the IFLA conference.

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