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Volume 7, No. 2, ISSN 1066-8829, January 1999

LC at ALA Midwinter
PCC Participants Discussion Group
Integrated Library System Update
Pinyin Conversion Update

LC at ALA Midwinter

The Library's exhibit booth is no. 2246.

There will be no Cooperative Acquisitions Program meeting at Midwinter. The next CAP meeting will be at ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans.

Friday, Jan. 29

Saturday Jan. 30

Sunday Jan. 31

Monday Feb. 1

PCC Participants Discussion Group

The Program for Cooperative Cataloging will hold its semi-annual participants meeting during the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia on Sunday, Jan. 31, 1999, at the Philadelphia Marriott in Salon I and J from 7:00-8:30 p.m. Sally Sinn, chair of the PCC, will conduct the meeting and recognize efforts of individuals who have contributed significantly to recent successes of the program. The meeting will be presented in three parts. Part 1 will be devoted to highlights of the four component programs of the PCC (CONSER report given by Jean Hirons; BIBCO report given by Ana Cristan; NACO and SACO report given by Ruta Penkiunas). Part 2 will address current activities and issues from each of the standing committee chairs (automation by Karen Calhoun, including a presentation by Ed Glazier on the RLIN Authority Record Assistant and a discussion on OCLC real-time upload by Glenn Patton; standards by Joan Schuitema; and training by Joan Swanekamp). Part 3 will focus on recent PCC training initiatives including an update by Glenn Patton on the Cataloging Now! Institute, BIBCO training by Kate Harcourt and John Sluk, and serials training (SCCTP) by Jean Hirons.

Integrated Library System Update

Over the past six months the seventy-four ILS implementation teams, involving over three hundred LC staff, have been hard at work analyzing current activities and planning for the optimum transition to the new integrated library system. The Library is on track to have all portions of the system implemented by October 1999.

By October 1998 the Library completed training the implementation team members and in-house trainers on Voyager functional training. Following a standard source selection process, the Library ordered two Sun servers for the Voyager system, one for the main system and the other for Web access. During December the Voyager 98.0 beta release was installed on 450 PCs for the implementation team members.

A major milestone came on Jan. 8, 1999, when the first full test load of LC's bibliographic and authority records (nearly 16 million records) was successfully loaded. The load was error free. Additional test loads are planned before the full production load, now planned for May or June 1999. The Library has a tentative schedule for staff to start using the ILS, with cataloging operations going first in May or June, then circulation and reference in July, and in October, acquisitions and serials check-in.

An External Coordination Policy Group continues to stay in touch with external stakeholders and to negotiate implementation timetables and issues.

An extensive training plan, prepared as part of the ILS Implementation Plan submitted to Congress in April 1998, continues to be updated as warranted. Communication with staff on the progress of implementation continues with numerous sessions, a staff Web site, email announcements, and articles for the Library's newsletters. Negotiations with AFSCME Locals 2910 and 2477 will begin in February on the ILS Management Plan.

For more information, please contact Barbara Tillett, ILS Program Director, email: [email protected], telephone: (202) 707-4714, or fax: (202) 707-4719.

Pinyin Conversion Update

The Library of Congress and the Research Libraries Group (RLG) have begun working together to prepare for conversion of Chinese records in the RLIN database to pinyin, beginning in the spring/summer of 2000.

The Library has begun to also draft program specifications to help RLG prepare a computer program which will perform as much of the conversion as possible. The program should also be able to change headings for the most frequently used Chinese conventional place names.

Advance copies of new Chinese romanization guidelines based on the pinyin system were distributed to institutions and organizations in November. The new guidelines will generally follow standard Chinese pinyin romanization procedures, with certain exceptions. Words of non-Chinese origin will be romanized systematically in all cases. Tones will not be indicated. The Library will continue its practice of separating individual syllables, except in the cases of personal names, geographic locations, and certain proper nouns. This approach assures that converted LC records will maintain their consistency with those found on both utilities. The separation of syllables should also facilitate international exchange of Chinese bibliographic data in the future.

The Library's Pinyin Task Group has begun the task of identifying and assessing the many effects of pinyin conversion on subject headings and classification schemes. Major changes are being anticipated in the DS, G and PL schedules. Class numbers will be retained whenever possible, and the reference structure will be utilized in the classification schedule to lead the user to the proper location. Subject catalogers have begun to locate and evaluate subject headings containing terms in Wade-Giles romanization. Regarding classification, for Chinese literary authors in the PL schedule, the Library plans to end the most recent time period this year (1949-1999); beginning with 2000, cuttering will be based upon the new pinyin system of romanization.

Decisions on conversion of authority records will be made following the implementation of the Library's new Integrated Library System (ILS).

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