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Phillip De Sellem Appointed Team Leader
Jolande Goldberg Receives Marta Lange/CG Award
LC Integrated Library System News
International Shared Resource Records for Controlled Access
Metadata and Cataloging Meetings
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Phillip De Sellem Appointed Team Leader

Phillip De Sellem became the permanent team leader of the Music and Sound Recordings II Team, Special Materials Cataloging Division. The team is responsible for the cataloging of books on music, music scores, and music sound recordings. De Sellem's appointment was effective April 11, 1999. He received his bachelor's degree in music from the Peabody Conservatory and has completed work towards a master's degree in Musicology from the Catholic University of America and an MLS from the University of Maryland. He has been a music cataloger for seven years. Among his duties has been serving as a NACO liaison to music libraries. He has two and a half years experience as supervisor of the former MARC Editorial Division Name Authority Data Preparation Unit and ten years as a senior cataloging editor in the former Catalog Management and Publication Division. He has fifteen years of experience in acting and directing theatrical productions and ten years as organist/choir director. He has also served as both president and board member of the LC Professional Association.

Jolande Goldberg Receives Marta Lange/CG Award

Jolande Goldberg, law classification specialist in the Cataloging Policy and Support Office (CPSO), has been selected to receive the Marta Lange/CQ Award. This award is given annually by the Law and Political Science Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association (ALA). The award recognizes an academic or law librarian who, through research, other creative activity, or service to the profession, makes distinguished contributions to bibliography and information service in law or political science. The award will be presented to Goldberg at a luncheon sponsored by Congressional Quarterly, Inc. (CQ) on June 26, during ALA's Annual Conference in New Orleans.

Goldberg is being recognized for her

Most of Goldberg's career of nearly thirty years at LC has been devoted to development of the law schedules, which, at the time she began her work, consisted only of those for the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada. She wrote schedules for all other countries, for the law of nations, and for international relations. She is currently working on schedules for religious law, concentrating initially on canon law and Islamic law. Her approach to schedule development is to collaborate with colleagues (both nationally and internationally) who are specialists in particular areas of law.

Interest in the LC law schedules has become widespread. All the North America members of the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) have adopted them. In addition many parliamentary, university, and ecclesiastical libraries abroad have adopted the law schedules or expressed interest in doing so.

Goldberg has designed and taught workshops to instruct catalogers and reference staff in how to interpret and apply the law schedules and in how their use can be coordinated with Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH). She has also lectured widely at conferences and events under the auspices of a variety of organizations. She participates in the Library's cooperative subject cataloging program (SACO) by recruiting contributors to LCSH from the law library community and in the Bibliographic Enrichment Advisory Team (BEAT). Goldberg also serves on AALL's Joint Committee on Cataloging and Classification, where she reports annually on the previous year's activities at LC.

LC Integrated Library System News

On May 15, 1998, the Library of Congress awarded a contract for an integrated library system (ILS) to Endeavor Information Systems, Inc. The amount of work required to implement the LC ILS by the target date of Oct. 1, 1999, has involved more than five hundred LC staff members. These staff are devoting all or part of their time to implementing specific modules, deciding on policy questions (e.g., data definition, security, indexing), or training and supporting staff in using the ILS. Barbara B. Tillett, director of the Integrated Library System Program, is responsible for coordinating these efforts.

In February, LC acquired its production server from Sun Microsystems and is running the second test load of LC's sixteen million bibliographic and authority records. Training of staff began in April and will continue through September.

LC expects to "go live" with the cataloging module in August. Shortly thereafter the circulation and OPAC modules will be brought up. The acquisitions module will go into production with the start of the new fiscal year, Oct. 1, 1999.

The ILS Program Office maintains a Web page to provide information of interest to other libraries and the general public. The URL is

International Shared Resource Records for Controlled Access

Barbara B. Tillett is the author of "International Shared Resource Records for Controlled Access," published as part of the "From Catalog to Gateway" series in the ALCTS Newsletter (vol. 10, no. 1/ Dec. 1998) and available at URL This article addresses the issue of international efforts to deal with the authority control issue in a way that enables libraries to take advantage of each other's authority work while maintaining their ability to use forms of name that are considered most appropriate for their catalog users.

Metadata and Cataloging Meetings

Barbara B. Tillett traveled to Frankfurt, Germany, in February to attend an international workshop on bibliographic metadata and to meet with staff of the Deutsche Bibliothek (DDB) about cataloging rules and authority record projects.

At the workshop, the focus was on uses of the Dublin Core and IFLA's Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records, and how both relate to current cataloging practices for electronic materials. In her description of LC's cataloging of electronic resources, Tillett observed that LC would use metadata as an additional source of information if it were available. Workshop participants discussed some of the problems using the Dublin Core, efforts to provide a more logical structure to its metadata set, and improvements that are underway to the communications format that ties the Dublin Core to HTML. Means for libraries to share authority work with other communities are needed, and the resource description framework was seen as a potentially promising interchange format to achieve that end. There was wide recognition of the need for authority control in the Internet.

AACR2 revision proposals were among the cataloging matters that Tillett discussed with staff at the DDB. Of particular interest are those that deal with the new concept of "integrating entities;" the method of qualifying serial; use of Z39.50 to access LC's authority files; European Union projects involving multilingual subject authority files; and the German authority database for personal names.

CDS Products

AACR2 in Cataloger's Desktop

As the result of a licensing agreement between the Library of Congress and the American Library Association on behalf of the publishers of AACR2, the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, electronic version (AACR2-e), Library of Congress Rule Interpretations, and the MARC formats are on the same CD-ROM, and catalogers can simultaneously access and toggle among the descriptive cataloging authorities.

Cataloger's Desktop includes thirty-two of the Library of Congress cataloging publications. It is fully cumulated quarterly. It includes MARC format documentation and code lists, CONSER cataloging publications, subject cataloging manuals, special materials cataloging manuals, NACO Participants' Manual, and other publications.

Classification Plus

The latest Library of Congress Classification schedules and Library of Congress Subject Headings are on CD-ROM. New schedules are included as soon as they become available--in each new quarterly issue under production. Twenty-five of the most recently revised schedules are currently on Classification Plus. There are easy keyword searching and links between LCSH and the classification schedules.

To order an annual subscription for Cataloger's Desktop and/or Classification Plus, call the Cataloging Distribution Service for price and order instructions (1-800-255-3666). Outside the U.S., please fax questions to (202) 707-1334.

Classification Schedules

New 1998 editions of Library of Congress Classification schedules are now available from the Cataloging Distribution Service.

Class A: General Works, 1998 edition, ISBN 0-8444-0973-1, price: $26 (North America), $31 (outside North America)
Class DS-DX: History of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc. 1998 edition, ISBN 0-8444-0964-2, price: $36 North America), $41 (outside North America)
Class KD: Law of the United Kingdom and Ireland, 1998 edition, ISBN 0-8444-0968-5, price: $36 (North America), $41 (outside North America)
Class KE: Law of Canada, 1998 edition, ISBN 0-8444-0984-7, price: $26 (North America), $31 (outside North America)
Class KZ: Law of Nations, 1998 edition, ISBN 0-8444-0969-3, price: $28 (North America), $33 (outside North America). Significant revisions resolve issues identified during the past year. Most notable revision concerns notation and subarrangement of individual treaties.
Class L: Education, 1998 edition, ISBN 0-8444-0978-2, price: $36 (North America), $41 (outside North America)
Class M: Music and Books on Music, 1998 edition, ISBN 0-8444-0981-2, price: $26 (North America), $31 (outside North America)
Class P-PZ Tables: Language and Literature Tables, 1998 edition, ISBN 0-8444-0966-9, price: $26 (North America), $31 (outside North America)
Class PQ: French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese Literatures, 1998 edition, ISBN 0-8444-0967-7, Price: $36 (North America), $41 (outside North America)
Class PR, PS, PZ: English and American Literature, Juvenile Belles Lettres, 1998 edition, ISBN 0-8444-0983-9, price: $36 (North America), $41 (outside North America)

Other new editions to be published in 1999 include:

Class K: Law (general), Class K Tables
Class KF: Law of the United States
Class KJV-KJW: Law of France

These and other CDS publications are featured on the CDS home page at URL For ordering information, visit the website or call CDS Customer Service at: 1-800 255-3666 (toll free US only) or (202) 707-6100.

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