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LC Integrated Library System Update
Access to the Library of Congress Classification Schedules
Pinyin Conversion Project Home Page
MARC 21 Code Lists and ISO Standards
Music and Sound Recording Arrearage Reduction Efforts

LC Integrated Library System Update

As part of the Library's preparation for implementing the LC integrated library system (ILS) later this summer, information for professional colleagues outside of LC and for the general public is being disseminated through a variety of channels. This article highlights some of the most important information for external users of LC's catalog, catalog products, and catalog services and provides Internet addresses for sources that give greater detail.

Important Dates


Access to LC's database will be through the Internet, both from the Library of Congress World Wide Web site, where the home page for the LC online catalog or the online catalog home page can be accessed. Eventually there will be Z39.50 access as well. Shortly after the database becomes available, the Library will begin a multi-year project to convert the manual shelflist, but initially the holdings in the LC online catalog will not reflect all copies in LC's collections.

Public ILS Home Page

Until further notice the ILS Program Office will maintain an Integrated Library System Program public home page at URL It contains some background about the ILS Program at LC, including quarterly ILS Program reports to Congress; FAQs; the timeline of the entire project; news; and email, phone, and fax numbers of ILS Program Office staff to contact with suggestions, questions, or comments.

Public Interface Preview

Three workstations equipped with LC ILS client software are now available to researchers, giving them an opportunity to use the system with test databases. The Library is asking readers to provide their comments and suggestions on the usability and design of the OPAC so that the Library can make improvements before implementation. These stations, which are in the Computer Catalog Center, the Hispanic Reading Room, and the Newspaper & Current Periodical Reading Room, will be available until OPAC implementation (August 24), at which time the new OPAC will be available for public use in all reading rooms.

MARC Distribution Service

The Cataloging Distribution Service has published a lengthy Technical Notice describing the impact of the LC ILS on MARC Distribution Service (MDS) subscribers. The notice is posted at URL Among the topics covered by this Technical Notice are distribution frequency and record volume of MDS files, data elements that will become valid in the new environment, use of the full MARC character set, data validation capabilities of the LC ILS, distribution of old records updated upon conversion of the database to the ILS, the LCCN with a four-digit year segment, and availability of test files. MDS services, that is, bibliographic, authority, and non-roman services, will continue throughout LC's implementation of its ILS.

Subject Authority Proposals

As of June 28, publication of the LC Subject Headings Weekly Lists of proposals for new and changed subject authority records was temporarily suspended so that the editorial staff can prepare the subjects file and processes for the new ILS environment. The suspension period covers Lists 9928 through 9935. The Weekly Lists will resume publication with List 9936, dated September 1, 1999. During this hiatus LC catalogers will continue to submit proposals and changes, which will gradually be incorporated into weekly lists when they resume publication. For SACO information see the next section, Program for Cooperative Cataloging.

Classification Weekly Lists are unaffected by LC ILS implementation.

Program for Cooperative Cataloging

The PCC home page includes a section headed, "LC ILS implementation and PCC participants" (URL For participants holding copies of the name authority file, i.e., the British Library, OCLC, and the Research Libraries Group, NACO contribution and distribution will continue. LC will test any change in the transfer process with each of these nodes. NACO libraries should experience few if any changes in the contribution process. LC ILS implementation should have little or no impact on contributors' workflows. FTP distribution of NARs and SARs will occur daily between the copy-holding participants and daily or weekly to CDS customers of the national authority file.

Access to LC's OPAC will continue through the Web or Z39.50. However, authority records will not be displayed in the OPAC nor will Z39.50 access to authority records be available.

SACO libraries can continue to contribute to the program using all current methods. They will be able to track the progress of their proposals by consulting the tentative weekly lists, which will be mounted on the SACO home page once the ILS is implemented.

LC expects that current NACO bibliographic file maintenance (BFM) policies will be retained for the immediate future. The objectives for BFM following implementation are to assure that authority and bibliographic headings continue to be synchronized and for LC to evaluate the human resources needed for database management in this new automation environment. The Library also wants to gain some experience using global update before considering incorporation of that feature.


Changes are inevitable with an implementation of this magnitude. However, the Library will strive to minimize any disruption to its internal and external users. It will seek to improve services and business processes once it has successfully moved all appropriate operations over to the LC ILS.

The Library will continue to post updates on the ILS home page to keep the library community informed of developments.



The Serials Cataloging Cooperative Training Program (SCCTP) completed two train-the-trainer sessions in June and course materials for the Basic Serials Cataloging Workshop are now available from the Cataloging Distribution Service. Included in the complete package ($140) are an instructor manual, trainee manual, and PowerPoint presentation (version 7.0). Those sponsoring a workshop using SCCTP trainers may purchase the copies needed of the trainee manual for $35 each.

The planning and sponsorship of the workshops is being undertaken by other libraries and insitutions which have already made plans for several workshops in the fall of 1999 and spring of 2000. For more information, contact Jean Hirons ([email protected]).

AACR Revision

The report "Revising AACR2 to Accommodate Seriality," prepared by Jean Hirons with the assistance of Regina Reynolds, Judy Kuhagen, and the CONSER AACR Revision Task Force, is available at URL Comments can be forwarded directly to Ann Huthwaite, chair of the Joint Steering Committee for Revision of AACR. Those in the U.S. should forward comments to Wayne Jones ([email protected]), chair of a CC:DA task force to review and comment on the paper.

CONSER Single Record Option for Online Versions

At the CONSER at Large meeting at ALA, participants agreed to adopt guidelines for when to apply the single record option and to include these guidelines in the CONSER Cataloging Manual (CCM). They opted for guidelines, as opposed to policy, to allow for flexibility within individual institutions. The recommendations were prepared by a working group chaired by Valerie Bross (University of California, Los Angeles). The draft report is available on the CONSER Web site at URL The guidelines will be incorporated into the next update to the CCM.

Publication Patterns and Holdings in CONSER Records

During the spring a new task force was established to investigate the possibility of sharing generic publication patterns and holdings for serials through the CONSER record. Diane Hillmann (Cornell University) is chairing the group. Its first activity will be a small demonstration project with OCLC using a local 891 field that would house 85X and 86X fields in order to determine the usability of the data. There are many issues involved and challenges to overcome, including the lack of standardization across local systems and workflow considerations. However, the possibility of sharing this data is a logical extension of CONSER's mission.

Access to the Library of Congress Classification Schedules

The Library of Congress is converting classification schedules into the MARC 21 format, facilitating more frequent updating and revisions. During the first quarter of 2000 a pilot project for the read only Web version of LCC will be made available. Naturally this version will include all LC schedules that have been fully reviewed and approved by the Library's Cataloging Policy and Support Office. The functionality of the online classification system will be enhanced in the Web version--for example, the possibility of adding local notes. CDS will use the results of this pilot project in formulating plans for Web access in the future consistent with the division's cost recovery mandate.

Institutions interested in participating in this planned pilot project should email Cheryl C. Cook ([email protected]).

Pinyin Conversion Project Home Page

The Library of Congress has mounted a "Pinyin Conversion Project" home page on its Cataloging Directorate home page (URL:

This site will provide information and documents related to the Pinyin Conversion Project. Because plans for several important aspects of the project are still being formulated, status reports will be updated periodically. Documents important to the project will be posted in a timely manner. Links to related Web sites are provided. Contents include:

Project Definition

Frequently Asked Questions


Status reports on tasks in progress

Please send comments and suggestions to:

Philip Melzer, Team Leader
Korean-Chinese Cataloging Team
Regional and Cooperative Cataloging Division
Library of Congress
Washington, D.C. 20540-4387
(202) 707-7961
[email protected]

MARC 21 Code Lists and ISO Standards

MARC Organization Code and Draft ISO Standard

The Library of Congress continues to maintain the MARC 21 Code List for Organizations, a list that grew out of the National Union Catalog project and that now includes codes for more than 26,000 libraries and related organizations in the U.S. and abroad. Recently, LC has participated in an effort to develop an international standard for organization codes for libraries and related organizations. The draft standard (ISO 15511) should accommodate the structure of the codes in the MARC 21 list, thus making them usable worldwide. For several years there has been an increased demand for the assignment of MARC organization codes. This is due to the need for a coded representation of the creators/modifiers of MARC records and the use of the codes to signal holding libraries in local and regional library networks. A new printed edition of the MARC 21 organization code list and a Web page for it will be completed later this year.

MARC Language Code Changes

An announcement was distributed on June 4, 1999, detailing numerous changes made to the USMARC Code List for Languages as a result of the approval of a new international language code standard, ISO 639-2 (Codes for the Representation of Names of Languages--Alpha-3 Code). The ISO list is based on the USMARC list and was developed because of the inadequacy of the ISO two-character code list (ISO 639-1). The MARC list and its related U.S. national standard, Z39.52 (Codes for the Representation of Languages for Information Interchange), will maintain consistency with the international standard. The changes in the June announcement include twenty-five changed language codes, thirty-two new codes, and one obsolete code. An implementation date has not yet been set, and further announcements will be made. The Library of Congress has been designated the Registration Authority for ISO 639-2.

Music and Sound Recording Arrearage Reduction Efforts

Music and Sound Recordings III Team (MSR III), Special Materials Cataloging Division, continues processing three large sound recording arrearages. The materials in each project are either being cataloged on or will be loaded to the Cuadra Star database in LC. In the 45s Project, the processing of the 125,000 discs that began in 1997 was completed in March 1999. The inventorying of 364 remaining items will require specific language expertise. An additional 25,000 discs were acquired in late March 1999 and cataloging of the works began one month later. MSR III staff and summer temporary staff will work on this arrearage.

The cataloging of the Armed Forces Radio and Television Series (AFRTS) discs continued in 1999. This year 4,490 items have been processed which brings the overall total to 66,734. The Cassettes Project continues in 1999. This year 983 items have been processed which brings the overall total to 43,947. The copyright cassette arrearage has been processed and the work now focuses on new receipts.

In March 1999, MSRIII began working on three new initiatives to help reduce the Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division arrearages:

Progress continued with the joint project between LC and OCLC which enables LC to load copied records from the OCLC database. (See "Machine-Generated Music Name Authority Records," LCCN v. 5, no. 13, Dec. 1997.) These copied records for the sound recording collections will be loaded into the LC Local database after Day One of the ILS implementation. ILS workload considerations and some problem resolution required for successful load factored into the decision to postpone the loading of these records. The successful loading of the records will have a positive impact on the Library's recorded sound arrearage reduction efforts.

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