Proposed Pinyin Conversion Marker for Authorities: Field 008/07

008/07 Field to be used as Pinyin Marker for Authority Records

Pinyin Conversion Project

The 008/07 field ("Romanization scheme") will be used to indicate whether or not an authority record has been converted to pinyin. Name, series and subject authority records will be given a pinyin marker during the conversion process. When the Library of Congress declares that all authority records in the name and subject authority files have been converted, the marker will cease to be used to indicate pinyin status. In the event that the process of converting authority records has not been completed by "Pinyin Day 1", catalogers may be asked to code new authority records 'c' or 'n' until conversion of existing records has been completed.

Value 'c' will be used to indicate headings which have been converted to the pinyin form according to the romanization guidelines prescribed by the Library of Congress.

Discussion: There is not currently a category of headings that are "already in pinyin form", since technically there are not now any headings that have been romanized according to the new guidelines. Current headings which appear to be in pinyin form either also represent valid Wade-Giles forms, or else they have not been romanized but established according to usage.
Value 'n' will be used to indicate headings which have been considered for conversion but were not converted because they were not romanized according to Wade-Giles guidelines.
Discussion: Value 'n' will be given to headings which appear to be in pinyin form but in fact have not been romanized. For example, the heading:
Liu, Chang, 1954-
appears to be in Wade-Giles form. In fact, the heading was established for the author of an English-language monograph. The form of heading was based on how the author's name appeared on the title page. After evaluation, this heading would be coded 'n' because it has not been romanized according to Wade-Giles guidelines, and it would not be converted to pinyin.

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