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Changes to Chinese Conventional Place Names

LC Classification
Weekly List, No. 17
April 28, 1999

Provinces...] pp. 131-132 [Better: 0]
  Anhui, see DS793.A6
 793.A6 Anhwei. Anhui
*793.C3 Chekiang. Zhejiang
  Fujian, see DS793.F8
*793.F8 Fukien. Fujian
  Gansu, see DS793.K2
[793.G67 Great...]
  Guangdong, see DS793.K7
  Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, see DS793.K6
  Guizhou, see DS793.K8
[793.H3 Hainan...]
  Hebei, see DS793.H6
  Heilongjiang, see DS793.H4
 793.H4 Heilungkiang. Heilongjiang
  Henan, see DS793.H5
*793.H5 Honan. Henan
*793.H6 Hopei (Hopeh). Hebei
  Hubei, see DS793.H75
[793.H7 Hunan]
 793.H75 Hupeh. Hubei
  Inner Mongolia, see DS793.M7
[793.J4 Jehol]
  Jiangsu, see DS793.K45
  Jiangxi, see DS793.K4
  Jilin, See DS793.K54
Kansu. Gansu
*793.K4 Kiangsi. Jiangxi
 793.K45 Kiangsu. Jiangsu
 793.K54 Kirin. Jilin
*793.K6 Kwangsi. Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
*793.K7 Kwangtung. Guangdong
*793.K8 Kweichow. Guizhou
 793.L5 Liaoning
 793.N5 Ningsia. Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region
  Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, see DS793.N5
[793.P59 Po-hai...]
  Qinghai, see DS793.T7
  Shaanxi, see DS793.S5
  Shandong, see DS793.S4
*793.S3 Shansi. Shanxi
*793.S4 Shantung. Shandong
  Shanxi, see DS793.S3
 793.S5 Shensi. Shaanxi
  Sichuan, see DS793.S8
*793.62 Sinkiang. Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region
*793.S8 Szechwan. Sichuan
*793.T7 Tsinghai. Qinghai
  Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, see DS793.S62
  Zhejiang, see DS793.C3

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