Library of Congress
Pinyin Conversion Project

Assistance from NACO Catalogers:
Cleanup of Undifferentiated Personal Names

We are happy to report that fourteen catalogers from eleven NACO libraries have begun reviewing the 8400 undifferentiated (non-unique) authority records that have been converted to pinyin. The catalogers will verify that the converted headings correctly represent the names of all people represented on the records. In some cases, new authority records will be created for names whose pinyin forms differ from the newly converted heading. By December 1, each of the catalogers had completed his/her first batch of ca. 110 headings, and now have begun work on a second batch. Cathy Yang of the Library's Cooperative Cataloging Team is coordinating the project.

The Library wishes to recognize and thank these NACO participants for their invaluable work to improve the national authority file and ensure its accuracy. This phase of the Pinyin Conversion Project could not have been accomplished without the assistance of the staff at the institutions listed below. These libraries demonstrated a commitment to the mission of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging beyond any requirements. The Library of Congress is grateful for the time and effort made by these participants and the administrators at these libraries. These librarians have undertaken their work with an admirable sense of professionalism and high standard for quality, for which they are to be commended.

Art Institute of Chicago
Shu Yong Jiang, participant
Anne Champagne, administrator
Columbia University
Eddie Wang, participant
Kate Harcourt, administrator
Charles Wu, Head of Far Eastern Cataloging
Cornell University
Teresa Mei, participant
Karen Calhoun, administrator
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Ada Cheung, participant
Xiaolei Wang, participant
Cho Chuen Wong, participant
Zehua Sun, cataloging coordinator
Minmin Chang, administrator
Princeton University
Iping Wei, participant
Dottie Pearson, administrator
University of Alabama
Shi Deng, participant
Anne Edwards, administrator
University of California, Los Angeles
Sarah S. Elman, participant
Amy Tsiang, administrator
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Kuang-tien (K.T.) Yao, participant
Sophia McMillen, administrator
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Hsi-chu Bolick, participant
Margaretta J. Yarborough, administrator
University of Oregon
Daphne Wang, participant
Carol Hixson, administrator
Western Washington University
Wayne Richter, participant
Karen Rice, administrator

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