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Classification Schedule

Revision of the DS Schedule
for Local History and Description of China

Purposes of the revision:

  1. Limit DS796 to national municipalities and special administrative regions other than Beijing, which remains at DS795.
  2. Establish a new span of numbers at DS797.22-DS797.88 to arrange cities, prefectures, counties, etc., alphabetically by established pinyin names under decimal numbers for each province. Counties were previously classed in DS793.

This revision is in effect after October 1, 2000, Day One for using pinyin for Chinese geographic name headings.

    [Local history and description]
[793.A-Z     Provinces, dependencies, regions, etc., A-Z]
          For national municipalities and special administrative regions, see
          For counties, see DS797.22+
      Cities, towns, counties, prefectures, etc.
          National municipalities and special administrative regions
795             Beijing (Peking. Peiping) (Table DS-DX3)
796.A-Z             Other, A-Z
(796.C2)                 Canton, see DS797.32.G836
796.C592                 Chongqing. (Ch’ung-ch’ing shih. Chungking) (Table DS-DX4)
(796.H3)                 Hankow, see DS797.48.H365
(796.H4)                 Harbin, see DS797.42.H373
796.H7                 Hong Kong (Hongkong) (Table DS-DX4)
(796.J4)                 Jehol, see DS797.39.C546
(796.K4)                 Khotan, see 797.84.H673
796.M2                 Macau (Macao) (Table DS-DX4)
(796.M8)                 Mukden, see DS797.62.S546
(796.N2)                 Nanking, see DS797.56.N365
796.S2                 Shanghai (Table DS-DX4)
796.T5                 Tianjin (Tientsin) (Table DS-DX4)
(796.T7)                 Tsingtao, see DS797.72.Q354
(796.T84)                 T’u-mo’t’e-yu ch’i, see DS797.54.T866
(796.Y5)                 Ying-k’ou, see 797.62.Y564
          Other cities, towns, counties, prefectures, arranged by province
797.22.A-Z             Anhui Sheng, A-Z
797.26.A-Z             Fujian Sheng, A-Z
797.28.A-Z             Gansu Sheng, A-Z
797.32.A-Z             Guangdong Sheng, A-Z
797.32.G836                     Guangzhou (Canton)
797.33.A-Z             Guangxi Zhuangzu Zizhiqu, A-Z
797.35.A-Z             Guizhou Sheng, A-Z
797.37.A-Z             Hainan Sheng, A-Z
797.39.A-Z             Hebei Sheng, A-Z
797.39.C546                     Chengde (Ch’eng-te. Jehol)
797.42.A-Z             Heilongjiang, A-Z
797.42.H373                     Harbin
797.44.A-Z             Henan Sheng, A-Z
797.48.A-Z             Hubei Sheng, A-Z
797.48.H365                     Hankou (Hankow)
797.52.A-Z             Hunan Sheng, A-Z
797.54.A-Z             Inner Mongolia, A-Z
797.54.T866                     Tumd Youqi (Qi) (T’u-mo-t’e-yu ch’i)
797.56.A-Z             Jiangsu Sheng, A-Z
797.56.N365                     Nanjing
797.57.A-Z             Jiangxi Sheng, A-Z
797.59.A-Z             Jilin Sheng, A-Z
797.62.A-Z             Liaoning Sheng, A-Z
                      Andong, see DS797.62.D363
797.62.A574                     Anshan
797.62.C536                     Chaoyang
797.62.D355                     Dalian (Darien)
797.62.D363                     Dandong (Andong)
797.62.F874                     Fushun
797.62.J567                     Jinxi (Chin-hsi)
797.62.J569                     Jinzhou (Chin-chou)
797.62.L874                     Lüshun (Port Arthur)
797.62.S546                     Shenyang (Mukden)
797.62.Y564                     Yingkou
797.64.A-Z             Ningxia Huizu Zizhiqu, A-Z
797.66.A-Z             Qinghai Sheng, A-Z
797.68.A-Z             Shaanxi Sheng, A-Z
797.72.A-Z             Shandong Sheng, A-Z
797.72.Q354                     Qingdao (Tsingtao. Tsingtau. Ch’ingtao)
797.75.A-Z             Shanxi Sheng, A-Z
797.77.A-Z             Sichuan Sheng, A-Z
797.82.A-Z             Tibet, A-Z
797.84.A-Z             Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu, A-Z
797.84.H673                     Hotan (Khotan)
797.86.A-Z             Yunnan Sheng, A-Z
797.88.A-Z             Zhejiang Sheng, A-Z

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