When should Chinese literary authors be classed in the 1949-2000 span, and when should they be classed in the 2001- span?

LC classes all works by or about an individual literary author in the same number. According to instruction sheet F 632 in the Subject Cataloging Manual: Classification, time period spans are intended to be used for the period in which an author was productive.

Therefore, Chinese literary authors who began to write in the 1949-2000 period should be classed in that span, either in already established numbers based on Wade-Giles forms, or in new numbers based on pinyin forms for new authors of that period. That means that there will be a mixture of Wade-Giles and pinyin forms in the alphabetic arrangement of authors in 1949-2000.

Authors who begin to write in the next century, 2001- , should be classed in the newly approved span. There is flexibility and room for application of cataloger judgment. Authors who published their first works in the late 1990s and are expected to continue writing into the next century are better classed in 2001- . However, if a library today receives its first work by an author who has published earlier works, that author should be classed in the earlier span, 1949-2000.

Therefore, according to CPSO's guidelines, there are three possibilities for classification of Chinese contemporary literary authors:

1. Use the already established class numbers based on Wade-Giles forms.

e.g.       PL2848.Y8 for Jin, Yong, 1924- (PL2848.Y8 was established for this author, based on the Wade-Giles form of his name, Chin, Yung. However, even though his last name has been converted to Jin, we still will use his established number.)

2. Use new numbers based on pinyin forms for new authors in the 1949-2000 period.

e.g.       PL2929.7.O6 for Zhong, Yiwen, 1969- (Because all of her works were published in the 1949-2000 period.)
1st work: He yan, 1995.
2nd work: Chui diao shui mian, 1998.
3rd work: Ting shuo, 2000
3. Use newly approved span (2001- ) for new authors based on pinyin form.

e.g.       PL2932.A4 for Cai, Meijuan, 1971- (Since her first work, Meng hu cun se, was published in 1999, and she is expected to continue writing beyond the year 2001.) Use at least 3 numbers following the Cutter to provide space between items.

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