Titles in roman letters appearing on the title pages of publications with Chinese titles-proper are always transcribed as parallel titles, both in the roman and non-roman fields. Some of these ‘found' romanized Chinese titles have converted to pinyin in such a manner that they now match the pinyin added entries in 246 and 740 fields. The Library of Congress will delete redundant added entries on an as-encountered basis.

The Library will continue to transcribe parallel titles, following AACR2 guidelines. Although a parallel title may be identical to the $a systematically romanized title proper in the roman field, it will look quite different than the Chinese title proper in the non-roman field. Pinyin romanization practices in Chinese publications vary greatly: sometimes ‘found' romanized titles will match Library of Congress romanization practices, and sometimes they will be different. When a ‘found' romanized title appears in a prominent position on a publication (for example, on the title page, cover, or colophon), a title added entry will be given in the 246 field when that title varies from the systematically romanized form of the title proper in the 245$a subfield. The Library will not provide a note and/or title added entry for a found romanized title on the item when it is identical to the systematically romanized title proper.

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Library of Congress Help Desk ( September 28, 2001 )