Pinyin Conversion Project

Coordinated Timeline since Pinyin Day 1, October 1, 2000

Jointly Developed by the Library of Congress, RLG and OCLC

October 1, 2001

October 00

October 1

DAY 1 for bib records, name and series authorities occurs

Henceforth romanization of Chinese will be carried out by the Library of Congress according to new pinyin romanization guidelines for systematically romanized Chinese (rather than Wade-Giles) in all Library operations

New bibliographic and authority records created by other libraries will follow pinyin romanization guidelines

Transition to full use of pinyin for all romanization of Chinese begins

End of moratorium on the contribution of Chinese authority records

Also in October 2000

LC signs off on RLG's conversion program for bibliographic records [done]

RLG sends LC final test files of pinyin records for test loading into LC's local system [done]

OCLC sends first testrun of its bibliographic conversion program to LC and RLG [done]

NACO nodes load converted authority records [done]

LC sends guidelines for cleanup of non-unique personal name authorities to all participating NACO libraries [done]

LC changes classification schedule throughout to reflect new pinyin romanization guidelines [ongoing]

LC and NACO libraries begin to clean up undifferentiated personal name authority records ("non-unique names") [done]

LC initiates manual review and cleanup of authority records [ongoing]

November 2000

LC signs off on loading RLG final test files of pinyin records into LC's local system [done]

RLG begins to pull clusters of DLC Chinese bib records, and then begins to convert the records in those clusters to pinyin [done]

RLG starts delivering files of pinyin converted bibs to LC; LC begins pre-processing on converted bib records [done]

December 2000

LC, OCLC, RLG finalize conversion specifications for Chinese bibliographic records [done]

RLG begins conversion of DLC Chinese bibliographic records [done]

January 2001

RLG begins converting other (non-LC) clusters of Chinese bibliographic records [done]

LLC posts the finalized specifications for conversion of authorities and Chinese bibliographic records to its Web site [done]

February 2001

LC initiates cleanup of bibliographic records; for example,

March 2001

OCLC restores missing Wade-Giles references to ca. 25,000 name authority records (coding them $wnnea), and submits them to the national authority file via the regular NACO distribution over a period of two weeks [done]

April 2001

OCLC initiates conversion of bibliographic records in WorldCat, starting with CONSER CJK records [from March]

LC's cataloging Distribution Service makes available a file of the converted name authority records (marked 'c' in the 008/07 field), which includes the restored Wade-Giles references [done]

May 2001

Converted CONSER records loaded into LC Data Base [done]

June 2001

OCLC completes conversion of Chinese records in bibliographic files [done]

August 2001

RLG completes conversion of Chinese bibliographic records [from June]

September 2001

RLG completes cleanup of Chinese records, including batch-loaded Chinese records

LC and OCLC complete specifications for OCLC's conversion of non-Chinese records; the specs are posted to the LC Web site

October 2001

OCLC completes conversion of non-Chinese bibliographic files

OCLC sends LC a file of the DLC non-Chinese records that were selected for conversion in the WorldCat database

OCLC completes automated cleanup of Chinese records, including batch-loaded Chinese records; manual review of records begins

LC begins to use the file of non-Chinese records from OCLC to locate and convert non-Chinese records in the LC Local Database

December 2001

LC and NACO libraries complete cleanup of undifferentiated personal name authority records ("non-unique names")

The pinyin marker is no longer being added to authority records. LC, RLG and OCLC will reconsider discontinuing use of the pinyin marker on bibliographic records in early 2002.

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