Seminar follow-up

Need for a formal structure to identify, explore and resolve issues.

Discussion should be ongoing, building upon what has been learned in the last several days.

Explore the possibilities of electronic communication-- E-media Listserv

Annual meetings of catalogers, specialists, producers, and computer scientists to discuss electronic intellectual access with presenters from different perspectives.

Possible follow-ups to this seminar could include an e-mail list, video conference, proceedings, dissemination of information on expertise of individuals and institutions, on-site technical service visits, white papers on some of the issues, and possible follow-up by ALCTS in the form of a repeat of this seminar at different sites.

Groups to contact/Alliances to forge

Interest in networking at ALA with text producers and utilities (who have access to many constituents) Need to identify other players and include scholars, CETH, NSF, other foundations.

Need for liaisons between MARBI and groups such as TEI, IETF, and CIP.

Lobby legislative officials for funding. Educate them on issues and benefits.

Expand to include an international perspective. Involve IFLA. Gather information on projects outside North America.

Interest in a survey of existing projects--perhaps LC can coordinate.

Informatics alliances-- Enormous study going on regarding the provision and use of information within specific disciplines.

Explore the issue of intellectual access--does the traditional bibliographic model fit? Resolve through user surveys and working with the Cooperative Cataloging Council and ALCTS Committee on Scholarly Communication.