MARC or something else?/Representation of data

Are we MARC-bound or bound by the conception of the data that we put into MARC? Look at our presumptions about data.

How do we make our data more efficient?

Should we adapt MARC to accommodate the new discipline structures?

MARC search engine redesign?

Do we still need to define the problem? Do we need to "catalog" using MARC or are there other

methods of intellectual access? Are the alternatives already here, i.e. Gophers and Web?

Interest in mapping SGML to MARC and vice versa. Need dialogue among utilities, LC, TEI, and disinterested parties (for a different perspective) Electronic CIP program should be involved and should develop a pilot SGML CIP.


Standards for location

need to be transportable

where should locator information go?

Pursue standards--need to get different communities together.



IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force)

Cataloging rules-- What are you cataloging--define the work. Where does the data come from?

What should be cataloged?-- other catalogs

Issue of version control

What should we expect from electronic resource publishers and what do we need?

Traditional access alternatives to providing solutions to what problems.

Interchangeable systems

If electronic resources are segmented, are they confined to an electronic exile?

Explore the issues of changing modes of publication and distribution.

Involve vendors of systems--need to make them aware of coming changes and options.