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  1. What do I do if I sign up for a Solo User account and I end up needing more than 20 hours of access a month?
    To get more than 20 hours of access a month you will need to purchase a 1-4 concurrent users account. That gives you unlimited access for your subscription period.
  2. I have users at my site who like to leave their workstations without logging off. Will this affect the concurrent user count on my site?
    Class Web is currently configured to log users off automatically after one hour of inactivity.
  3. I am interested in a solo user account. If I forget to log off my account, is the time after I finished working counted as part of my 20 hours?
    No, for solo users the clock stops ticking at the time the last transaction is performed. You don’t lose time by forgetting to log off.
  4. If I have a site account can I access Class Web at a location remote from my site?
    Yes, but under specific limitations.
    • Option 1. “Virtual” site access.
      Optimal means for remote access is using a “virtual URL” through which users access the site as though they are using the locally designated range of IP addresses. Many universities offer this type of access to full-time students. Check with your site systems administrator to see if this type of “virtual URL” access is available at your institution.
    • Option 2 Read only password.
      Each site account will receive one read-only password. The access would typically be used by individual staff members who need access from somewhere on the site that is not connected to the site’s established IP range (e.g., the established IP range is the main library’s cataloging division and someone in the biology library also needs access.) Because there will be only one read-only password, this access should be used sparingly.

    REMEMBER in either of these scenarios, off-site users MUST be primarily associated with the site (see above) and whoever is accessing a site, WILL BE COUNTED as one of your concurrent users.
  5. My organization requires a hard copy of the Terms and Conditions for our files. What do I do?
    Print two copies of the Terms and Conditions. Sign and fax or mail them to CDS. CDS will counter-sign both and return one to you.

How To Access

  1. For optimal access use the following URLs:
  2. For optimal compatibility with your workstation check to make sure your system will accept "cookies" from
    Some computer workstations block "cookies" from unknown sources. To avert possible access problems, make sure the privacy status on your Internet browser is set at "Medium" and that your firewall (if you have one) is set up to accept cookies from
  3. If you need help, email [email protected].

Setting up your New Class Web Account

For a PDF version of this setup information check (PDF 31 KB)