Cataloger's Desktop Help

Administrative Login Help

How to login to administer account

  1. Enter URL:
  2. Click Administer account on the left end of the blue ribbon
  3. This will take you to the Account Administration Login screen where you will log into the Cataloger's Desktop Subscription Management System
  4. Enter your institution's Cataloger's Desktop administrative user name and password
  5. Select Login

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How to add an end-user to your subscription

  1. Follow the instructions above to log in to Administer account.
  2. Click the text Click here to manage personal accounts just below the page title, Cataloger's Desktop Account Administration.
Click here to manage personal accounts
  1. This will take you to the Personal Accounts screen where you will see a list of the personal accounts associated with your subscription.
  2. Enter the email address of the end-user whom you wish to add to your your institution's Cataloger's Desktop subscription in the Email: box.
  3. Enter a temporary password such as P1sw0rd12345678# in the Password: box.
  4. Select/click the checkbox next to Force Password Change:
  5. Select Add Account
  6. Email the login information to the end-user.
New Personal Account

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How to enable Class Web searching in Cataloger's Desktop

Cataloger's Desktop is now capable of searching Classification Web through Desktop. When this feature is activated, the user simply inputs their search string and hit lists will be displayed for Desktop resources, LCSH, Children's Subject Headings, LCDGT, LCGFT, LCMPT, and LC Classification. Hits in each of these resources are accessed via view tabs just above the hit list pages. This enhancement is only available to Cataloger's Desktop subscribers who are also Class Web subscribers. See the CDS website for information about ordering Classification Web.

Individual Cataloger's Desktop users can add the Class Web account name to their Cataloger's Desktop Preferences by following the instructions here. Alternatively, the Cataloger's Desktop account administrator can opt into this functionality for everyone by following the instructions below. If individual users prefer to not search Classification Web in Cataloger's Desktop, they can follow the instructions found here and remove the Class Web user name.

  1. Point your web browser at
  2. Enter your institution's Cataloger's Desktop administrative user name and password
  3. Select Login
  4. This will take you to the Classification Web Search Results Opt-in screen.
  1. Ensure that the checkbox Checked checkbox next to "Enable Class Web search results for users at ..." is checked.
  2. Enter your library's Classification Web user name in the box that appears below it.
    Important: Do not input your Classification Web password here.
Class Web Search Results Opt-in
  1. Select Submit

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Administrative Login FAQs

Q: If my library has paid for four simultaneous users and we have ten staff members who use Desktop, are each of the ten allowed to have their own personal accounts?
A: Yes.

Q: We currently pay for 2-4 users knowing that we will probably never have more than two simultaneous users. We have more than four potential users though. Do we need to increase the number of users we pay for?
A: No. You pay for the number of simultaneous users, not the number of logons.

Q: Is there a charge for additional individual logons?
A: No.

Q: Can several users at our library share a login?
A: No. Each user must set up his/her own unique login so that they can set their own preferences.

Q: If a staff member leaves, how does the account administrator remove them from the system?
A: The account administrator should login using the administrator login and delete the former staff member there.

Q: Can an individual login be used to renew our Cataloger's Desktop subscription?
A: No, your account administrator has an administrative logon that is used for all account administration activities. Individual logons do not access Desktop account subscription information.

Q: Can logins be based on anything other than an email address? For example: student01, student02, etc.
A: No. Valid email addresses must be used for personal logins.

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