Cataloger's Desktop: A User's Review

"Cataloger’s Desktop has become an indispensable tool for the catalogers at the University of Colorado at Boulder since it was introduced here three years ago. Perhaps the main reason for this is the convenience of having the tomes of cataloging rules and standards—previously shelved in a remote corner of the Cataloging Department—collocated and readily accessible from our own personal workstations. There are other valid reasons, however, why Cataloger’s Desktop has become so essential to us: it is automatically updated on a quarterly basis; it provides links to other important resources such as remote databases and other libraries’ catalogs; it is customizable, permitting each user to set parameters for accessing data relevant to his/her needs; and it greatly facilitates the efficiency of our participation in national shared cataloging through the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) and OCLC.

"Most of our catalogers will agree that, of the many technological innovations that have allowed us to streamline our library operations, LC’s Cataloger’s Desktop is as important to us as the library’s online catalog is to our patrons. Asking us to consider going back to consulting the dog-eared rulebooks for guidance would be comparable to asking our patrons to go back to using the cumbersome card catalog to locate the resources they need. While there may be times we yearn to return to the days when things were slower and less complicated, we’d have to admit that returning without Cataloger’s Desktop would not be an option." (An e-mail message to CDS on Jan. 27, 2004)

Anna Ferris
Anna M. Ferris
Catalog Librarian
Assistant Professor
University of Colorado at Boulder

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