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MDS Technical Notice

November 20, 2001

The Library of Congress has recently entered into a cooperative project with OCLC to receive and distribute corrected name authority records that previously contained the obsolete second indicator value blank in field 053 (LC Classification Number). The corrected records will contain a second indicator value of '0' (Assigned by LC). LC started receiving the first of the corrected field 053 indicator records last week. There are approximately 98,000 records needing correction. It is anticipated they will flow through the normal NACO contribution and distribution streams in 1,000 - 2,000 record weekday batches and potentially larger weekend batches.

Starting with volume 24, issue 47, MDS-Names subscribers should expect a steady flow of these corrected records over the upcoming weeks until all 98,000 records have been distributed.

Any questions regarding the data content of these records can be directed to:

Cataloging Policy and Support Office
email: [email protected]
phone: (202) 707-4380

November 20, 2001