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MDS Technical Notice

March 26, 2002

The following 14 codes have been recently approved for use in MARC 21 records. They include 3 new relator codes/terms, 4 new subject source codes, and 7 new source codes for national bibliography numbers. These new codes will appear in the next printed edition of the MARC Codes Lists for Relators, Sources, Description and Conventions but will appear in the online version of the code list immediately ( ). These codes should not be used in exchange records until after May 19, 2002.

MARC Relator Codes Changes (subfield $4 in the Bibliographic and Community Information access fields where it is defined):

  • dpc - depicted: Use for the person or group depicted or portrayed in a work, particularly in a work of art
  • rpt - reporter: Use for the person reporting news in the mass media, often with objective commentary and accompanying audio or video accompaniment.
  • stl - storyteller: Use for the person relaying a story with creative and/or theatrical interpretation.

MARC Term, Name, Title Sources Changes (subfield $2 in Bibliographic and Community Information fields 600-651):

  • gtt - GOO-trefwoordenthesaurus (GTT)
  • iaat - IAA Thesaurus : Terminologie der Arbeit, Beschaftigung un Ausbilding
  • tbit - Theaurus BIT : terminologie du travail, de l'emploi et de la formation
  • toit - Tesauro OIT : terminologia del trabajo, el empleo y la formacion

Other Sources Changes (in subfield $2 in bibliographic field 015):

  • ba - Bibliografia d'Andorra (Andorra La Vella : Biblioteca Nacional)
  • bl - Bibliographie luxembourgeoise pour l'annee (Luxembourg: Bibliotheque nationale)
  • bnm - Bibljografija nazzjonal ta' Malta = National bibliography of Malta (Valletta : National Library of Malta)
  • bnr - Bibliografia nationala romana (Bucuresti : Biblioteca Nationale a Romaniei)
  • eev - Ellenike ethnike vivliografia (Athenai : Ethnike Vivliotheke tes Ellados)
  • ib - Islensk bokaskra (Reykjevik : Landbokasafn Islands - Haskolabokasafn)
  • ulk - Ukraina : litopys knih (Kyiv : Knyzhkova palata Ukrainy)

March 26, 2002