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MDS Technical Notice

March 27, 2001

This issue of MDS-Serials (volume 29, issue 13) contains a larger than normal number of records. It contains approximately 39,000 updated CONSER records with Harvard publication pattern data. As previously announced in April 2000, CONSER records, as part of an experiment to share publication pattern data used in predictive check-in systems, may contain fields defined for use with holdings data. The publication pattern data most commonly found in these updated CONSER records include:

852 Location. (Subfield $x contains the terms "universal pattern".)

853 Captions and pattern-Basic bibliographic unit.

863 Enumeration and chronology-basic bibliographic unit. (Subfield $x containing "provisional" indicates the information given in the pattern portion may be incomplete.)

For more information on the CONSER patterns experiment and its goals, see For more complete information on the Harvard seeding initiative see Questions regarding data content or use of CONSER records can be directed to:

Jean Hirons, CONSER Operations Coordinator
email: [email protected]
phone: (202) 707-5947

March 27, 2001