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The Library of Congress receives several thousand books each year destined for the Library's Copyright Paperback Collection. To bring this vast quantity of material under bibliographic control with very scarce resources, the Cataloging Directorate has had to choose an approach that entails various shortcuts. The Copyright Paperback cataloging project uses copy cataloging for roughly 85% of the titles in the project. Many categories of error, particularly with regard to series statements, are intentionally not corrected, and in general, staff do not match the entire record to the book as is done for other cataloging modes. For these reasons the records are assigned encoding level 3 ("Code 3 indicates a brief record that does not meet minimal level cataloging specifications. Headings in the records may reflect established forms to the extent that such forms were available at the time the record was created.") and the initial decision was not to distribute them.

In response to a request to the Cataloging Distribution Service, the Cataloging Directorate has agreed that the Copyright Paperback Collection records will be distributed. The directorate regrets that it may not be able to respond to maintenance notices related to these records in the same manner as it does for other records.

The Cataloging Distribution Service will take the necessary steps to distribute some 5500 records already input and readily available for distribution. MARC Distribution Services subscribers should expect these records in the upcoming daily and weekly issues of MDS-Books All and its subsets.

The records in question can be identified by the following added entry that occurs in each of them:

710 2# $a Copyright Paperback Collection (Library of Congress) $5 DLC

Questions re Copyright Paperback Collection records can be directed to:

Cataloging Policy and Support Office
Library of Congress
email: [email protected]

February 25, 2003