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Four major changes in the CDS MARC Distribution Services (MDS) beginning in January 2003 are listed below.

1. Changes in Frequency

In an effort to deliver LC cataloging data to subscribers more quickly, CDS will increase the frequency of some of its MARC Distribution services. The following services, currently generated on a monthly basis, will be distributed weekly commencing January 2003:

  • Books Arabic
  • Books CJK
  • Books Hebrew
  • Computer Files
  • Maps
  • Music
  • NUCMC and LC Manuscripts
  • Visual Materials

Issue 12 of the current subscription year of the above services, normally generated in early January, will be made available early during the last week of December 2002 to support a smooth transition to the weekly files. Issue 01 of the new weekly services will appear the first Tuesday in January and made available every Tuesday thereafter.

2. Computer Files Part of MDS-Complete

Due to reasons of an historical, frequency, and record volume nature, MDS-Computer Files is not currently part of MDS-Complete. Beginning January 2003 MDS-Computer Files will be included in MDS-Complete as well as continue as a separate service. With the LC Cataloging Directorate's initiative to catalog more electronic resources in the future, MDS-Computer File subscribers should anticipate an increase in the number of Computer File records.

3. Test Files Available in XML

XML-formatted test files for the various MARC Distribution Services offered by CDS will be made available before December 31, 2002. These small (ca. 400 records each) sample test files of production records are located in the test folder on the CDS FTP Server ( along with the traditional MARC 21 test files. They will be identifiable by their .xml extension, e.g., music.xml. We are making these MARC XML test files available so that customers, who are interested, can experiment with MARC in XML.

4. Single Pricing Structure

CDS will eliminate the separate outside North American pricing structure of its MDS subscription and retrospective file prices beginning January 2003. The current two level MDS prices were based on the additional costs incurred in mailing tapes/cartridges outside the continental United States. With the cessation of tape distribution and the availability of all files via FTP, the two level pricing structure no longer applies and all subscribers will be charged at the current "North America" rate.

The MDS annual subscription and retrospective file prices for January 1, 2003 are:

MDS 2003 Subscription Retrospective File thru 12/2002
Complete* $21,025 $30,450
Complete with Books All Daily $24,025 $30,450
Books All, Weekly $15,280 $22,425
Books All, Daily $18,280 $22,425
Books English $10,540 $13,525
Books U.S. $8,410 $8,650
Books Arabic $4,060 $1,960
Books CJK $1,555 $1,485
Books Hebrew $1,050 $570
Serials (CONSER) $5,200 $6,640
Serials English $3,700 $4,700
Serials U.S. $2,700 $3,400
Maps $1,280 $1,465
Music $1,280 $1,750
Visual Materials $1,280 $1,465
Computer Files $1,050 $735
NUCMC &LC Manuscripts $2,100 $570
Name Authorities $11,595 $11,715
Subject Authorities $3,280 $1,670
HLAS $2,810 $2,810
Classification $4,360 $4,360
GPO $1,920 $2,900
Books Canada $1,605 $2,900
Copyright $31,500 $55,125
Copyright Serials $2,000 $4,950

* includes Books All, Maps, Music, Serials, Visual Material, and Computer File records.

November 8, 2002