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The Library of Congress is planning to upgrade its Integrated Library System (ILS) starting October 28, 2005. During the ILS upgrade process the creation, updating, and importing of bibliographic and authority cataloging records into the LC production database will cease. Consequently very few or no cataloging records will be distributed via the daily and weekly CDS MARC Distribution Services (other than MDS-Serials and MDS-Books CJK, MDS-Books Arabic, and MDS-Books Hebrew) during the upgrade time. The ILS upgrade process is expected to take approximately two weeks.

MDS subscribers should note that the daily and weekly distribution files will continue to be created, but most likely as null files. MDS subscribers should expect an increased number of records immediately following completion of the ILS upgrade as the backlog of daily imports are processed.

Concerns or questions regarding the availability of MDS files during the LC ILS upgrade can be directed to:

Jim Kimball
Cataloging Distribution Service
telephone: (202) 707-1357

October 25, 2005