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(July 8, 2011) - Cataloging Distribution Service is discontinuing some print publications and will deliver more content online in electronic formats (PDFs, HTMLs and Microsoft Word). This announcement lists print publications that will no longer be available. Our decision is intended to:

1. Improve access to content updates and
2. Provide more FREE publications

To find online links to electronic formats, visit, click “Find Products & Services,” and select a product. A hyperlink will be located at the end of the product webpage.

Most publications continue through your web-based Cataloger’s Desktop subscription. Accessible 24/7, Cataloger’s Desktop provides cataloging and metadata resources in English and non-English languages. To learn more about Cataloger’s Desktop, visit


  • Cataloging Service Bulletin (CSB) - The last issue was #128 (from the 2010 subscription). All back issues are available for free at
  • Library of Congress Rule Interpretations. The last combined update (No. 1-2) and Update 3 were published in 2010. LCRIs have been superseded by Library of Congress Policy Statements. LCPSs are available for free at

    Discontinued as Stand-Alone Print Products:
  • Free-Floating Subdivisions: An Alphabetical Index- The final stand-alone edition was published May 2011 and is available while stock lasts. The information continues to be available as part of the Library of Congress Subject Headings and in Cataloger’s Desktop.
  • LC Subject Headings Supplemental Vocabularies- This publication is conveniently part of the Library of Congress Subject Headings and Cataloger’s Desktop.

    Discontinued in Print:
  • LC Classification: A Content Analysis
  • LC Subject Headings Principles of Structure
  • Standard Citation Forms for Published Bibliographies and Catalogs Used in Rare Books Cataloging- This publication is available only through your Cataloger’s Desktop subscription.


    Discontinued in Print:
  • MARC 21 Authority Format
  • MARC 21 Bibliographic Format
  • MARC 21 Holdings Format
  • MARC 21 Classification Format
  • MARC 21 Community Information Format
  • The last print update for the 5 format documents was Update No. 10/11. Update No. 12 and future updates may be printed from the HTML pages noted below. Consult the “format changes” appendix for each online format document for guidance on the fields and other areas of the format that have changes.

  • MARC 21 Code Lists for Languages
  • MARC 21 Code Lists for Geographic Areas
  • MARC 21 Code Lists for Countries
  • MARC 21 Specifications

    All MARC 21 format, code list, and specification documentation is available for free via HTML at The code lists are additionally available at or through your Cataloger’s Desktop subscription.

    Print Product Change:
  • MARC Concise- This print product will contain Authority, Bibliographic and Holdings formats beginning with the 2011 edition.