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Library of Congress Classification: A Content Analysis of the Schedules in Preparation for their Conversion into Machine-Readable Form
A report prepared by Nancy J. Williamson for the Library of Congress
Publication Date:
Discontinued publication.

A "walk-through" of the various processes involved in turning a print text with a complex visual structure into an electronic medium. Discusses hierarchical arrangement of text, tables and subarrangements, notes and references, etc. Used during the creation of the USMARC classification format by the Network Development and MARC Standards Office of the Library of Congress.

Introduction to Classification

The complete Library of Congress Classification system is available by subscribing to the web-based service, Classification Web. While inventory lasts, it is also available in 41 individually printed classification schedules. Over the next year, all of the classification schedules will be converted into free downloads at Check that website frequently for newly added schedules.

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