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Library of Congress Subject Headings
35th edition
Publication Date:
Note: This print publication is available while supplies last. This edition is the last LCSH that will be printed. Future editions will be available as no-fee PDFs.

We are pleased to note: For the 9th consecutive year, the price for this indispensable publication remains $295 in the contiguous U.S. and $345 outside the contiguous U.S.

Contains approximately 332,500 total subject headings and references, including approximately 5,000 new headings. Includes all subject headings created by catalogers and used in cataloging at the Library of Congress through March 2012.

The six-volume set includes free-floating subdivisions, genre/form headings, and children's subject headings. Includes the full subdivision record.

"The Red Books": The Standard for Subject Analysis

Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) is the only subject headings list accepted as the worldwide standard. LCSH is the most comprehensive list of subject headings in print in the world. It is the one tool no librarian should be without. Provides an alphabetical list of all subject headings, cross-references and subdivisions in verified status in the LC subject authority file.

LCSH is the best way to keep your subject headings current--the key to accurate cataloging and topical searching.

The Standard for Reference
LCSH 35th edition is indispensable if you want to provide accurate reference information to readers. It includes all subject headings through January 2013. Authorized forms of headings as well as variant references provide users with all the authoritative access points to make subject searching quick and easy.
Six volumes. 6,845 pages
Approximately 40 pounds (including shipping box)
(6 vols.)
$295 Contiguous U.S.
$345 Outside the contiguous U.S.
Plus shipping

Introduction to Subject Heading Authority Control

Available in various formats, these tools help you with subject access. The major subject authority publications include the six-volume Library of Congress Subject Headings, Classification Web, and Subject Headings Manual and updates. Many of the publications are available in Cataloger's Desktop. Many of these resources are now being converted into free downloads at Check that website frequently for newly added publications.

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