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Free-Floating Subdivisions: An Alphabetical Index
23rd edition
Publication Date:
No longer in print. The 23rd edition (2011) was the last. The information will continue to be available as part of the Library of Congress Subject Headings and in Classification Web and Cataloger's Desktop.

Free-floating refers to a form or topical subdivision assigned by the subject cataloger under designated subjects without the usage being established editorially. Free-floating subdivisions help you quickly find the subfield code and reference to the appropriate memos in Subject Headings Manual.
Included in Cataloger's Desktop

Included in Classification Web

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Introduction to Subject Heading Authority Control

Available in various formats, these tools help you with subject access. The major subject authority publications include the six-volume Library of Congress Subject Headings, Classification Web, and Subject Headings Manual and updates. Many of the publications are available in Cataloger's Desktop. Many of these resources are now being converted into free downloads at Check that website frequently for newly added publications.

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