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Visual Materials (database)
Computer file
A subset of MDS--Complete and also available separately.

MARC records for all motion pictures, video recordings, filmstrips, transparencies, slides, and non-projectable graphics cataloged by LC. Records include all languages. Current records are limited to the cataloging of motion picture/video recordings and pictorial materials retained for LC collections. Available in MARC 21 and MARCXML formats.

Check the latest Technical Notices for MDS services.

Note: Records for serials of or about visual materials are part of MDS--Serials.

2015 Subscription: Available weekly. Approximately 24,000 records; about 1,400 new records.

2015 Price: $1,170

Retrospective: 1972-2014. 257,000 records. File size: 316 MB. Avg. record length: 1,393 bytes.

2015 Price: $1,335

Introduction to MARC Distribution Services (databases)

Library of Congress cataloging records are available via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) delivery. Records are for materials in hundreds of languages, including non-roman alphabets in original scripts. MDS provides national level cataloging for almost all English-language imprints.

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