Enrique Krauze

© Photo by Miguel Dimayuga

Enrique Krauze is an author, critic, media entrepreneur, and historian.  In 1991 he founded Clío, which publishes books on the history of Mexico and produces documentaries and television series.  He is the director of the journal, Letras Libres.  Since 1985, he has written for Dissent, The New Republic, The New York Times, The Washington Post and The New York Review of Books. As a writer, he has engaged various genres:  literary and historical essays, biographies, and interviews.  Among his books are Biografía del poder; Siglo de caudillos; La presidencia imperial; La presencia del pasado; De héroes y mitos; El poder y el delirio; and Redentores: Ideas y poder en América Latina. Among his awards and recognitions are the Civil Order of Alfonxo X, the Wise; the National History Award of Mexico; the Inter-American Press Association’s Grand Chapultepec Award; and the Caballero Bonald Foundation’s International Essay Award for his work, Redentores. He was also appointed member of the Colegio Nacional in Mexico.