Lillian Liberman

Lillian Liberman, the daughter of Russian emigrants, is an internationally renowned Mexican filmmaker. Chicoca, her film about child abuse was presented before the World Health Organization in Geneva and the Interamerican Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse, and won two Best Documentary prizes:  the Uruguayan Film Festival and the Havana Film Festival. Her film Visa al paraíso [Visa to Paradise] features the strategic role Mexican diplomat Gilberto Bosques, as the Mexican Consul in France, played in saving the lives of many persecuted Jews and Spaniards before the outbreak of World War II. Liberman holds an undergraduate degree in French from UNAM and simultaneously took all the courses offered at the Sorbonne’s French Institute of Latin America in Mexico. She was a faculty member of French instruction at the Center for Foreign Language Instruction at UNAM. She obtained a degree in film Direction from the Center for University Studies on Cinematography at UNAM.