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  • Kyōto kinbō zu = Kyōto and environs.

    Relief shown by hachures and spot heights. Title and some place names annotated in English. Missing sheets 3 and 4. [1] Tōhoku bu -- [2] Seihoku bu -- [3] Tōnan bu -- ...

    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 1900
  • Manohara shinden koshimborishita.

    Scale not given. Title from verso. Manuscript; watercolor and ink. Shows landownership in Manohara rice field area, adjacent to Akōchimura or Ogōchi-mura in Japan. Includes 2 insets. Available also through the Library ...

    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 1800
  • [Chōroku Edo zu utsushi.

    Scale ca. 1:24,000. Title from verso. Manuscript. Oriented with north toward the upper right. Relief shown pictorially. Japanese. Pictorial map. Shows villages in the province of Musashi which later grew together to ...

    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 1804
  • Sunshū fuchū oshiro no zu.

    Pen-and-ink and watercolor. Shows the plan, and the layout of the Sunpujō castle in Shizuoka-shi, Japan. Ms. the copier and the date not known. Title from title piece mounted on cover. "Tōkyō ...

    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 1607
  • Bushū Toshima-gun Edo-shō zu.

    Scale ca. 1:7,500. On cover, annotated in black ink: Edo ōezu. Title on label on cover: Kanʾei Edo kozu. Wood block print. Reprint of 1630 or 1631 map. Oriented with north toward ...

    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 1682
  • Tōkaidō bunkenzu : 1-bu o motte 1-chō ni ateru.

    Shows road between Edo (Tokyo) to Kyoto. Pictorial map. Relief shown pictorially. Title from title piece mounted on scroll. Pen-and-ink and watercolor. Orientation varies. Worm holes in the map. Stamped on: Kantōkaku ...

    • Original Format: Maps
    • Date: 1700

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