Collection Freedom's Fortress: the Library of Congress, 1939-1953

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  • Biographical Sketches

    Librarians of Congress. Luther Harris Evans (1902-1981) Portrait of Luther Harris Evans, June 18, 1945. Manuscript Division, Library of Congress Archibald MacLeish appointed Luther Harris Evans director of the Legislative Reference Service (currently the Congressional Research Service) in 1939 and as Chief Assistant Librarian in 1940. For a time, he was also the director of the Reference Department. While Acting Librarian from December 19, ...

  • Timeline

    1939. May 3, 1939 President Franklin D. Roosevelt sends a letter to Felix Frankfurter, newly appointed associate justice of the Supreme Court, asking Frankfurter if he believes that Archibald MacLeish would be a suitable successor to Herbert Putnam as Librarian of Congress (1899-39). Despite the efforts of the American library community to influence his choice, Roosevelt is determined to choose his own candidate.