• John Philip Sousa and the Culture of Reassurance

    Article. Article. Sousa's was not a critical philosophy. He projected a supportive vision of national destiny that mingled folksiness, martial arts, gallantry, and commerce. To extract simply the marching tunes from his rich contemporary reputation is to lessen his impact and to dilute his goals. He took himself seriously (and so others took him) as a bridge between cultural communities. And as an instrument ...

  • Biography and Articles about "The March King", John Phillip Sousa -- The March King: John Philip Sousa

    Read more about the life and times of John Phillip Sousa including a biography, and several editorials.

    • Date: 1854
  • About this Collection -- The March King: John Philip Sousa

    Painting of Sousa during US Marine Band era, [n.d.]. Performing Arts Reading Room. An online presentation of selected music manuscripts, photographs, printed music, historical recordings of the Sousa Band, copies of programs and press clippings, and more from the Sousa Collection at the Library of Congress. About the John Philip Sousa Collection at the Library of Congress John Philip Sousa began donating his music ...

    • Date: 1854
  • John Philip Sousa

    Biography. Biography. -Paul E. Bierley

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    For additional Sousa resources on the Library of Congress Web site, go to the home page (http://www.loc.gov/) and enter the phrase, "John Philip Sousa." The following has been copied with permission from: Bierley, Paul Edmund. The Incredible Band of John Philip Sousa. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2006. Books ASCAP Biographical Dictionary. 4th ed. New York: R. R. Bowker, 1980. Baker's Biographical Dictionary of ...

  • John Philip Sousa Timeline -- The March King: John Philip Sousa

    1854 John Philip Sousa born on November 6 Father: John Antonio Sousa (1824-1892) Mother:Marie Elisabeth (Trinkaus) Sousa (1826-1908) 1861 Begins music and violin studies with John Esputa 1868 Enlists as an "apprentice" in the U.S. Marine Band on June 9 1871 Honorably discharged from the Marines on December 31 1872 Begins second enlistment in the Marines on July 8 1873 Copyrights early compositions, "The ...

    • Date: 1854
  • The Transit of Venus March

    In June of 2004, the Library of Congress joined with NASA in celebrating this rare celestial event (the silhouette of the planet Venus again crossing the face of the Sun) by providing access to the score and band parts of John Philip Sousa's "Transit of Venus March." In addition to this music, which can be printed directly from this Web site, a recording, sheet ...

  • The Sousa March: A Personal View

    Article. Article. Yes, John Philip Sousa was an American phenomenon, a composer with the gift to write simple music that, whatever else it may or may not be, is a music of anticipation--anticipation and fulfillment. That is what The Stars and Stripes Forever is all about--the anticipation in the second break strain and then the fulfillment of the great final trio. It is a ...

    • Contributor: Fennell, Frederick