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  • Mapping the National Parks

    The Mapping the National Parks collection documents the history, cultural aspects and geological formations of areas that eventually became National Parks. The collection consists of approximately 200 maps dating from the 17th ...

    • Original Format: Maps - Web Pages
    • Date: 1999-06-02
  • Maps of Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Mapping the National Parks

    Early European Maps | American Maps and Map Makers | Exploration and Geological Mapping | Environmental Maps | Early USGS Maps | USGS and the TVA -- Topographic Quadrangle Maps | National ...

    • Original Format: Web Pages - Maps
    • Date: 1540
  • Brief History of the National Parks - Mapping the National Parks

    Many of America's most scenic and historic places have been set aside for the use of the public as national parks. "National Parks are spacious land . . . areas essentially in ...

    • Original Format: Maps - Web Pages
    • Date: 1999-06-02