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Selected Photographers and Examples of Their Work

  • George R. Lawrence

    The Panoramic Photograph Collection includes images taken by more than four hundred different photographers. The following biographies profile four photographers whose work demonstrates a few special aspects of the panoramic format. Among the photographers most heavily represented in the collection are: F.J. Bandholtz, Haines Photo Co., and West Coast Art Co. Some of the panorama creators are identified only as a "copyright claimant," because ...

  • George N. Barnard

    Biography: George N. Barnard (1819-1902) Little is known about George Barnard's early photographic career. He operated a daguerreotype studio in Oswego, New York, between 1846 and 1853. (Daguerreotypes were the first commercially available photographic process.) In December of 1853, Barnard moved his studio to Syracuse, New York. Despite his great technical expertise, Barnard was forced to close his Syracuse studio in 1857 due to ...

  • Frederick W. Brehm

    Biography: Frederick W. Brehm (1871-1950) Frederick Brehm is one of the people credited with developing the Cirkut panoramic camera. Initially manufactured and marketed by the Rochester Panoramic Camera Company, the camera was later manufactured by the Folmer and Schwing Division of the Eastman Kodak Company.

  • Miles F. Weaver

    Biography: Miles F. Weaver (1879-1932) Born in western Pennsylvania in 1879, Miles Weaver prospected for minerals and oil before he became interested in photography. His prospecting career brought him to the Edna/Orcutt oil fields near Santa Maria, California.